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52 Organizing Missions

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Getting Organized Is Easy!

52 Missions is the unique, proven system for organizing your life and home.

You’re guided to complete 52 organizing ‘missions’: simple, achievable, motivating projects around your personal, home and work life. Each missions takes just 30 minutes. There’s even a timer.

With the Home, Personal, Time, Closet and Household missions you’ll get your life in order in no time!

Show the complete list of 52 Organizing Missions.

1: Fill a Hu-u-uge Trash Bag – What to get rid of, room by room

2: Detox Your Briefcase/Tote/Bag – 5 steps to steamlining your purse or briefcase

3: Organize Your Bill Payment – How to never forget to pay another bill

4: Forgo the Freebies – How to calculate the true cost of so-called ‘freebies’

5: Be a Smart Verbal Communicator – The secret to messages that save time and boost productivity

6: Detox Your Car – 5 steps to a tidy, organized car

7: Be Happy! – How to make yourself happier (with free worksheet)

8: Declutter 50 Items – How to immediately clear 50 items from your home

9: Filing System Nirvana – A fast, easy, 2-step process for filing everything

10: Clear Out Your Closet – How to perform a ‘closet clutter check’

11: Create Your Wardrobe Wishlist – How to create the perfect wardrobe shopping guide

12: Organize Your Accounts & Credit Cards – 4 steps to organized accounts (with free worksheet)

13: Organize Your Emergency Contacts – Be well prepared for emergencies (with free worksheet)

14: Organize Your Household Notebook – Create a household brain center (with free worksheet)

15: Organize Your Kitchen – The secret to clear kitchen surfaces – fast

16: Streamline Your Books, CDs & DVDs – Know what to keep – and what to get rid of

17: Create Your Bedroom Sanctuary – How to create a relaxing space for you

18: Organize Your Computer in 7 Simple Steps – Easy steps to spring-cleaning and tidying files

19: Organize Your Office – How to have a motivating, clutter-free office space

20: Create Your ‘Organized Life Bedtime Routine’ – Your ideal evening routine for better organization

21: Create Your ‘Organized Life Morning Routine’ – Your ideal evening morning for better organization

22: Organize Your Bathroom – A smart way to organize your bathroom

23: Enjoy Good Relationships – How to declutter your friends – with love

24: Create a Chore Chart – Conquer chores with a practical chart (with free worksheet)

25: Bust Your Procrastination Demons – Finally master the tasks you’ve been avoiding

26: Reflect On Your Success – And Reward Yourself! – Look back on your prgress – and celebrate

27: How To Boost Productivity at Work – 5 steps to being much more productive at work

28: How To Simplify Your Home Organization Tasks – 5 smart ways to spend less time on chores

29: How To Make the Most Of Your Personal Time – How to have more ‘me’ time – it is possible!

30: Organize Your Personal Stress Management Plan – 4 steps to reducing stress

31: Organize Your Living Area – Create a living area you’re proud to invite people to visit

32: Organize Your Laundry – How to set up an effective laundry system

33: Organize Your Email Management – Take charge of your inbox and simplify emails

34: Donate 50 Things – 50 things to give away instantly

35: Set ‘Yes’ Priorities – And Know When To Say No – When to say ‘no’ – and how to do it

36: Organize Your Paperwork – 3 piles that will greatly simplify your paperwork

37: Organize Your Diet – 4 steps to turbo-charging your diet

38: Organize Your Fitness – 3 steps to turbo-charging your exercise

39: Declutter Your Surfaces – The ultimate solution to decluttered surfaces

40: Conquer Your Storage Space Demons – How to finally tackle your storage unit or storage space

41: Simplify Your Life – Possessions – Entire categories of clutter you can clear in an instant

42: Simplify Your Life – Time – 4 sneaky time killers – and how to kill them first

43: How To Declutter Your To-Do List – 3 things to immediately strike off your to-do list

44: Live Within Your Home’s Boundaries – How to live better in your house’s boundaries

45: Organize Your Garden – Mini-projects to transform your garden

46: Give Yourself A MakeOver – Mini-makeover projects to help you look your best

47: Declutter Your Thinking Habits – How to stop 10 negative-thinking habits today

48: Organize Your Kids & Their Bedrooms – The secret to keeping kids’ bedrooms clear of clutter

49: How To Find Your Passion – How to find your passion

50: Get Rid Of Debt – 4 steps to getting rid of debt (with free worksheet)

51: Weekly Schedule Template – How to create your ideal weekly schedule (with free worksheet)

52: Live a Simpler Life – The 3-cubed formula for simplifying your life

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Appolicious – Week’s Best iPad App

“For anyone who’s had the goal of getting organized, yet can’t seem to find the time to make it happen – or just don’t know where to start – 52 Organizing Missions is a must-buy app.”Appolicious

Each mission guides you through a series of simple steps

Missions Guide You Step by Step

Every organizing mission is presented in easy-to-follow steps.

There are also Dos & Don’ts and Extended missions, plus suggestions for getting the family involved.

It’s a great way to organize your life, home and time. And you’ll love checking of your completed missions when you’re done.

“This has literally changed my life, I had papers everywhere and no idea where to start! Granted, it took longer than 30 minutes, but now everything is categorized and labelled in one folder, Michele, I can’t thank you enough!” – Annie

Earn badges when you complete missions

Complete Missions,
Earn Badges

To keep you motivated, you earn badges as you complete missions.

Are you a Dedicated Organizer, Organizing Superstar or Organizing Champion? Complete missions to unlock the badges, and share your success on Facebook.

Share your organizing success on Facebook

Built in To-Do List

Create Your To-Do List As You Go

There’s also a simple To-Do list to add notes to.

Simply jot down items as you go through the missions. Remove them when you’re finished.

Simple. Manageable. Motivating.

“Having a time limit and instructions makes filling the bag easier! I filled 3 trash bags. I will need to do this exercise at least one more time this week.” – Jinny

Weekly Reminder Emails

Sign up for optional weekly reminder emails and we’ll let you know when it’s time for your next mission. It’s a great way to stay on track.

Sign up for weekly email reminders

Star Your Favorites

Want to flag the missions to tackle first? Add them to My Missions. Want to repeat your most powerful missions? Add them to your Favourites.

Set your favorite missions

Based on the Popular Program

Includes all 52 organizing missions from the hugely popular 52 Missions Home Organizer program.

52 Missions Workbook Set

Get Additional Resources

View recommended articles and bonus resources with the special in-app browser.

Resources Viewer

It’s Proven

Read what people are saying about 52 Organizing Missions:

“Ok, so I started, I walked and filled. Suddenly I noticed, the bag was dragging and was bursting at the seams. Huh, ok another bag. Hey my 30 minutes is up, still I can’t stop now I’m just into the swing of things. So on and on and on. 4.5 hours later, 6 bags….and I haven’t even been into my garage yet. Hey this was a wonderful task, not only did I feel I uncluttered my home, I feel more room in my brain too. I originally decided to sign up for this for my wife…..ah hum….she said no way. So I decided to do them all myself. One of the best ideas I have had in a long time. “ – John

“Very refreshing! This week s mission was a great delight! So much pleasure to (re)discover the little things that make me happy. And it is not selfish at all, because the happiness you give to yourself will spread to all others you meet and interact with. Thanks a lot! “ – Klimbo

“Your “cancel subscriptions” was a breakthrough one for me. I subscribe to many magazines (write columns for a few), and keep hard copies of the magazines with my articles. What a dusty mess was sitting in the corner of my office. Why was I keeping them? They even smelled old and moldy…so I heaved them away…making room for all my new articles coming up. Stopped my complimentary subscriptions too, as they were giving me guilt that I hadn’t read all of them.

Thank you so much for all your help Michele!” – Lois Geller

“Being a generally hopeless case when it comes to acquiring clutter, this “room-by-room” approach makes it a lot easier to get started. Makes the whole task seem less overwhelming. And thanks for the pat on the back! The generally positive approach also makes the task a lot more appealing. “ – Katherine

Read hundreds more success stories from people using 52 Organizing Missions.


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  • Scroll through the full list of 52 Organizing Missions
  • Instructions on how to get the best results from 52 Missions
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions guide you through the mission
  • Extended missions allow you to get the whole family involved
  • Earn badges by completing missions - post your mission achievements on Facebook
  • Click on links to view in the app, including additional resources
  • Additional organizing resources are included with some missions - view them in the app
  • A handy to-do list is in the app for jotting down tasks
  • Simply delete the tasks when complete
  • Extra tips plus Dos and Don'ts give you added productivity
  • Missions cover home, personal time management, household and closet-clearing tasks
  • Mark your favorite missions - re-do them as many times as you like

“WOW !!! What a great idea . And best of all I don’t feel overwhelmed – I just imagine my life and my home when I have completed 52 Weeks.” – Maria

Thousands of people around the globe are getting amazing results.
Now you can too!

Get Started Today! 52 Organizing Missions is available on the App Store now.

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