52 Missions – Join the Movement that’s Changing Lives

52 Organizing Missions - Change Your Life in 30 minutes a week

“Mission 1 – Completed !! First came relief, then joy to have wonderful space !!”

– Maria

Achievable, Motivating, Proven!

52 Organizing Missions is a motivating e-program that helps you get organized in easy, bite-sized chunks.

It’s Achievable

“Done. I can’t believe how much I have achieved. Thank you for the regular prompts.”

– Manola

Here’s how it works:

  • You commit to completing just one 30-minute organizing mission a week. Easy peasy!
  • Choose extended options for more challenge, or family options to involve the whole clan.
  • Missions include decluttering, personal organization and goal-setting across life areas.

It’s Motivating

52 Organizing Missions uses accountability motivation to help you get better organized. Here’s how:

  • You’re publicly accountable to complete each weekly mission.
  • After joining 52 Organizing Missions you register your public commitment.
  • (Optional) weekly mission reminder emails keep you on track.
  • As well as the rewards of an increasingly organized life, we have extra motivators including badges, certificates and prizes.

Join the Movement that's Changing Lives

It’s Proven

Yes, you can organize your home & life. In just 30 minutes a week. No exaggeration.

  • Thousands of people around the globe are participating.
  • There are already more than 1270 comments on the first mission.
  • Become one of the hundreds of wonderful success stories.

“This has literally changed my life, I had papers everywhere and no idea where to start! Granted, it took longer than 30 minutes, but now everything is categorized and labelled in one folder, Michele, I can’t thank you enough!” – Annie

“I’ve read many books and websites on organization, decluttering, etc. I believe this one’s a keeper! Thanks, Michelle. “ – Donna

“I did what i thought was a big clean up a few weeks ago so didn’t think I would be able to find enough stuff to fill a bag. But following your room by room list I started at the pantry – I filled a bag before I moved onto the next room. I had all this out of date food! Things that I was given in Christmas hampers etc that I was saving to use when we entertained etc. So I ended up getting too much rubbish and I couldn’t fit it all in the bin!
Last night I decided it was time for another huge bag effort and got rid of another bag of stuff.
Loving the missions. I’m telling so many people and they’re exactly the same!”
– Alison

“Having a time limit and instructions makes filing the bag easier! I filled 3 trash bags. I will need to do this exercise at least one more time this week.” – Jinny

Thousands of people around the globe are getting amazing results. Now you can too!

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