Welcome to 52 Organizing Missions


You’re now part of 52 Organizing Missions – the movement that’s changing people’s lives in just 30 minutes a week.

What you receive:

  • Each week you receive one 30-minute organizing mission right to your inbox.
  • There are extended mission options if you want more challenge, or family options to involve the whole clan.
  • Missions include decluttering, personal organization and goal-setting tasks across home, work and life areas.

What you do:

  • Register your commitment to completing the missions with a comment on this Get Organized – Get Accountable! blog post. Do this now!
  • Each week after completing your mission enter a comment – eg Done – on that mission’s blog post (we’ll give you the link).

Just imagine how much organizing and decluttering you’ll have achieved by the end of your 52 organizing missions!

If you want to cross the motivation bridge you have to pay the commitment toll.

Commit Now!

Stay tuned. Your first mission will arrive by email very soon…

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