Time Management: Organize More Efficient Travel Time

Time Management: Organize More Efficient Travel Time There are 2 steps to this tip:

  1. How can I minimize my travel time?
  2. How can I make better use of unavoidable travel or commuting time?

Spend less time commuting

  1. If you can, negotiate to work from home one or two days a week. Voila – instant time saved!
  2. Reduce travel time by avoiding peak hours, especially if you drive. Although trains and buses may be more frequent during peak times, the ride will likely be less comfortable, with your options for time use limited to sniffing someone’s underarm or jostling indecorously. Experiment with different times to find a sweet spot of comfortable travel and time effectiveness.
  3. Consider a more radical re-jigging of work hours. For instance, might four longer work-days rather than five standard one suit both you and your workplace?
  4. Look for alternative travel options. Is there a faster bus? A train that takes a longer but lets you prepare for your day en route?

Make better use of travel time

  1. Read work material
  2. Read for pleasure
  3. Read blogs – you can download them into a reader so they’re ready for offline perusal
  4. Listen to podcasts on any topic that interests you – there are plenty at iTunes to get you started
  5. Listen to audiobooks – check out Audible for stacks of fiction and non-fiction titles
  6. Listen to music – get in a little soul time or crank something nasty to relieve stress
  7. Meditate
  8. Work on your laptop (who cares if that kid thinks you’re geeky)
  9. Prepare for your day – make a to-do list, go through your diary, center yourself.

(Um… perhaps limit yourself to the listening ones if you drive.)

What ideas do you have for cutting down or sprucing up your travel time?

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