NEW My Business Organizer Survey: I’d love your feedback! [There’s a cool prize…]

image I’m very excited about the upcoming release of My Business Organizer – a set of more than 250 interactive worksheets and planners to help you plan, manage and grow your business.

I’d love to create a cover that resonates with you, my readers and customers – so I’m asking for your opinion, please!

I’ll pick two commenters to each receive a complete copy of My Business Organizer as a prize.

About My Business Organizer

My Business Organizer is ideal for home businesses, coaches, consultants, and solo business owners, but almost any small business can use these the interactive, motivating forms and planners to achieve greater business success.

My Business Organizer covers:

  • Productivity & Time Management
  • Goal Setting & Decision Making
  • Staff & Office Management
  • Professional Development
  • Business & Marketing Planning
  • Expenses & Accounts
  • Managing Clients & Contracts
  • Business Entertaining & Travel
  • Technology & Social Media
  • Professional Business Forms for External Use.

Would You Please Take a Look?

A My Business Organizer Cover A B My Business Organizer Cover B
C My Business Organizer Cover D D My Business Organizer Cover E
E My Business Organizer Cover C F My Business Organizer Cover F

Each of the draft covers has been designed to evoke some aspect of being an entrepreneur.

Please pick your top three covers, and rank them 1 (favorite), 2 and 3, using the letter to the left of each cover to identify it.

Which cover do you like, and why?

Please leave your feedback as a comment.

I’ll contact the winning commenters by email and also announce the winners in a blog post.

Thank You!

I really appreciate your time and thought – thank you so much for your input. 🙂

Michele Connolly, Get Organized Wizard

74 thoughts on “NEW My Business Organizer Survey: I’d love your feedback! [There’s a cool prize…]

  1. Mary Elizabeth O'Toole says:

    1 – A – This seems to emphasize the idea of nurturing, support, and growth. For me, this one is well above the others.

    2 – B – I am torn on this one as I like the idea of the representation of many members and the sense of team but not sure that I like the style, which is a little too cute for my taste.

    3 – D – mainly because it is more generic and suitable for any business or plan.

  2. Nadine Seely says:

    1 (favorite) B It is consistent with other designs I have seen keeping together flow of works.

    2 A it inspires cultivating that within.

    3 F The freedom without the corporate feel to it.

  3. Linda Varela says:

    1 – A
    2 – E
    3 – C

    I like the idea of A, especially brings the “growth” aspect to mind. E just makes me think happy, relaxed, yet still making progress forward. And I just like C. It seems better suited to the idea behind the project than the others.

  4. Rhonda Dick says:

    1. B – Because I like the modern look with the characters on the front. You can imagine yourself as one of the people. It also has a fun and simple appeal to that “Hey! I can do this!”
    2. D – Because it is a chart that shows progress. The progress can be anything from profit to sales.
    3. A – Its as if you are nuturing a fresh new bloom just as you would nuture you fresh new business. The hands represent the business system your are selling.
    Good luck! I want one when you have finished with it. Thanks

  5. Joey says:


    I really like b the best. It follows the the current imagery you have, while remaining gender neutral. It also has a fun feel to it. Part of what I love about your stuff is always the color and fun images, particularly the illustrated ones.

  6. Julie says:

    Hi Michele

    In order of preference I like the covers

    1.A – Because I love plants, and this small healthy plant is surrounded by nuturing hands giving the feeling that someone is helping it to grow – quite appropriate for the idea of growing your business

    2.F – because it’s a picture of an attractive professional looking woman, nicely dressed and it has a sophisticated ‘feel’ to it – all things I aspire to I guess.
    3.C – didn’t know which one to choose here – don’t really like that the guy and girl have their legs crossed as they do – I would have had their feet on the ground? maybe! I think it looks a bit unprofessional! but I don’t like the cartoon – not serious enough, and the other too are too serious – lake feeling! (probably a girl thing!)

    Hope this helps and good luck! By the way, I initially picked F as #1 but changed it to A afterwards as I really like the analogy between growing the seedling and ‘growing your business’.


  7. Susan says:

    1. D – it’s what I aspire to in my own business! Three very professional “corporate” looking people
    2. C – these people could be clients or business owners – a nice contemporary image
    3. A – symbolism for growth, which most business owners aspire to!

    Happy to be of assistance – and what a brilliant idea on your part!

  8. Kerry-Ann says:

    B – first look favourite – very cute and appeals to a wide audience.
    A – shows naturing required for growing a new business
    F – A single person working on a business – i think it would only appeal to women though!

  9. Jackie Lee says:

    1. F
    2. B
    3. D

    I like F because I identify myself and my business most with that one.

    B I like because I like those little cartoony characters ~ they make me smile.

    D. I like because that’s the chart I’d like to see in reference to my business profits. 🙂

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