The Year to Get Organized

2019: The Year You Get Organized!

Want 2019 To Be The Year You Get Your Life Organized?

Then join us for a year of great ideas, tips, step-by-step instructions, accountability, motivation, and support.

Together we’ll get everything decluttered, streamlined and simplified!

Over 12 Months We’ll Help You With Everything…

Here’s our full list of online programs and courses…

52 Organizing Missions

52OM Blog

“Being a generally hopeless case when it comes to acquiring clutter, this “room-by-room” approach makes it a lot easier to get started. Makes the whole task seem less overwhelming. And thanks for the pat on the back! The positive approach also makes the task a lot more appealing.”


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7 Days to Better Productivity & Time Management

PT Banner Large1“Thank you for this virtual mentoring! I am so grateful for the way you steward your gifts as they bring an unquantifiable catalyst for change to so many!!!”

— Gail

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14 Days to an Organized Closet

Closet5“My wardrobe is looking fantastic, I love the way I can see things!

                                                                            — Natalie

It’s amazing how my closet looks now. Thanks so much for all these tips and ideas. I feel like I’m winning over this closet clutter at last!”

— Pat

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30 Day Weight Loss-athon

30 day wla main“For anyone on the fence about doing this program, I encourage you to go for it. I lost 6 pounds during the 30 day program, and another 4 pounds after that. I’m not someone who loses weight easily. Plus I have managed to keep all the weight off.”

— Ellen

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7 Days to a Dramatically Decluttered Home

Day Number Empty“Loving the feeling of decluttering – it’s a lot like having extra freedom.”


“This program was just the push I needed to start to get my place back in shape. Although I still have more decluttering to do my home looks better than it has in a long time. More importantly, it feels more serene. Which means, so do I 🙂 Thanks, Michele!”


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21-Day Simplify Your Life Challenge

Simplify Banner Large“I am just about done with 21 days to simplify my life and It has made a big difference in my life. I had all the tools this just brought it all together. I can’t wait to see how my life will be after a year of taking all these courses.

Books don’t work for me – this does.”


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30 Days to an Organized Home

30 Day Template no number“Like a good kick to the bum! I needed this one!”


“This is huge. I’ve read it before. Apparently you can’t just read it and know it, you’ve actually got to DO IT! Thank you.”


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7 Days to an Organized Home Office

HomeOffice Illustration3 BlogThis was such a terrific challenge Michele – thank you so very much. I can truly say this has improved my life significantly 🙂 Not everything is purged – yet, but everything is organised and ready for it. I love my clean, organised office.”

— Jorja

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Join Us For One Program, Or A Few – Or All Of Them!

As an All Courses customer all of these programs are included in your membership dashboard.

Join us on the set dates and complete the programs as a group – it’s fun and motivating, and also keeps you accountable!

Or do them whenever you like, at your own pace. Simply log in to your account and away you go.

Of course you can also just join us for the program or programs you want. Check them out on our Get Organized Gal site.

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Imagine How You’ll Feel This Time Next Year…

Wouldn’t it feel great to get to this time next year with a simplified life, a decluttered home, an organized closet, a streamlined home office, less procrastination and more done every day…

If you want that to be you, come and join us!

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