Weight Loss Goals 2017
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SMART Goals: 5 Ways To Get Yourself Into Shape For The New Year

Every new year, the most common resolution is a personal goal to “lose weight”.

In this post, we are going to use SMART objectives to help you plan that ultimate goal for the new year.

SMART goals may be used in business, school and in daily life. It can also be effective in planning for a weight loss goal.

30 Day Weight Loss-athon
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It’s Not What You Know, It’s What You Do

30-Day Weight Loss-athon If you took action on just a fraction of what you already know about weight loss, you’d lose weight, right? You know it’s true! Which is why our motto is: It’s Not What You Know, It’s What You Do. The 30-Day Weight Loss-athon is about doing. A whole month of tiny-but-powerful actions […]

Slim your body in 2013
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Make 2013 The Year You Get Slim. Yes Really.

Here’s a radical idea. You know all the years you hoped you’d get slim? All the years you made attempts? Let’s make 2013 the year you do it. Deep inside you know you can. People with greater challenges than you have done it. And you’ve done harder things. Um, childbirth? Marriage? Working for years for that that […]

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52 Weight Loss Missions: FREE Sample, Plus Kindle e-Book & iPad App Now Available

52 Weight Loss Missions: Get Two Sample Missions Absolutely FREE! If you’ve been wondering about the NEW 52 Weight Loss Missions program, then you can now download two FREE missions – no sign-up needed. Download your sample here. 52 Weight Loss Missions Kindle e-Book and iPad App Now Available The 52 Weight Loss Missions Action […]