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7 Smart Strategies For Saving Money During The GFC

Getting organized improves your ability to achieve most goals by helping you to be more strategic and resourceful. And that’s certainly the case when it comes to saving money. Here are 7 ways you can save money by being a little more organized.
1. Work your closet. Ideas to try: * Look for fresh ways to combine items already in your closet. * Instead of buying new clothes, look for a belt, bag, jacket or shoes to bring a new-season look…

Life Management, Money & Finance

Get Organized Mission #3: Organize Your Bill Payment

Welcome to Mission #3 of our 52 Organizing Missions. If you’ve completed the previous two missions Get Organized Mission #1: Fill a Hu-u-uge Trash Bag and Get Organized Mission #2: Detox Your Briefcase/Tote/Bag, congratulations! Keep up the momentum with this week’s task, which helps you get your finances sorted. This is one of those high-payoff […]

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The sky is falling (I just hope it doesn’t land on my plasma TV)

We all know times are tough – at least compared to the recent past. Let’s be honest, though. For most of us computer-addicted, latte-sipping, iPhone-using Chicken-Littles, the impact of the falling firmament is not as dramatic as the lamenting and sighing and woe-is-me-ing would suggest. But how do we keep perspective when everyone around us […]

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Organize Your Finances: An Overflow of Online Financial Calculators

Millionaire Mommy Next Door has tracked down a veritable overflow (I know it’s not a collective noun, but I like the alliteration) of online calculators. They’ll help you ponder all kinds of financial scenarios, such as: How does my salarycompare with others in my profession? Should I pay ahead on my mortgageor invest the money […]