Cancel Subscription

How do I cancel my Premium Subscription?

Subscription Cancel Process To cancel your Premium Subscription you simply: Visit your My Account page Scroll down to your My Subscriptions area Click View next to your Subscription On the subscription page, click the Cancel button After cancelling your subscription it will be marked as ‘Pending Cancellation’ This means you still have access until the end of […]

What if I don’t have Facebook?

Facebook commenting allows us to provide support, encouragement, and answers to questions for participants in our programs. It provides a means of accountability, as well as a sense of community. Some participants who do not use Facebook generally have chosen to open a Facebook account to use with programs like ours.

What does it mean to do a program ‘on your own’ versus ‘as a group’?

The content for each program is divided into days, so that you can complete the program in manageable chunks, and feel a sense of progress as you go along. We encourage you to add a comment as you complete each day’s assigned activity. We’ve found that ‘checking in’ like this helps you to stay motivated, […]

How are the programs accessed?

All our programs are available online. They can be accessed anytime and from anywhere with an internet connection, using your computer, smartphone, or tablet. When you purchase a program or become a Premium Subscriber you create an account with a username and password. You access each day’s content from the program dashboard, via your your […]

How do I join a group doing one of the Programs?

Over the course of the year we complete programs as a group. You can always check for upcoming groups on the Program Schedule and learn more about the way the Schedule works here.   To join a group, all you need is access to the program, either by: Being a Premium Subscriber Purchasing the program you want to complete […]

How do I update my payment details

We use PayPal as our payment processor, so that all your payment details are kept safe and secure (we never see them). To update your credit card details, you simply: 1. Log in to PayPal: 2. Look under the Profile menu 3. Select ‘Add or edit credit card’ 4. Choose the card you wish […]