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Stop Making Life Complicated!

Complicated life

  Here at Get Organized Wizard we talk a lot about specific ways you can simplify your life. “Be More With Less” is a concept we believe in. Often we hear from members who say, But my life is so complicated, I don’t know how to simplify my life! Really? Really? Let’s look at some issues in life […]

Cleaning Out Your Friendships


For good times and bad timesI’ll be on your side forever moreThat’s what friends are for … That’s What Friends Are For  - Burt Bacharach *Riiippp* Until they’re not there for the good times. Or the bad times. Or maybe they’re only there for the bad times and drop you in the good times when […]

Embrace the Power of Choice

let go

  With our brand new challenge starting this week, 21 Days To Simplify your Life, there’s no better time to talk about the power of choice. Making a fast decision, feeling confident with it, let it go and move on. Each day we make a million decisions. Tiny, insignificant ones that barely register to more detailed, thoughtful decisions. […]

Simplify Your Life – 21 Days To Regain Calm And Happiness

Simplify Your Life - 21 Days To Regain Calm And Happiness

It’s that time again! One of our favorite programs is about to run a live session. It’s the 21-Day Simplify Your Life Challenge – and it starts Monday 7 July (US time). Is The 21-Day Simplify Your Life Challenge For Me? Do you: Feel overwhelmed? Have too much stuff in your life? Have too little time? Wonder if your priorities are out of order? […]