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“What you provide is really helpful to me. I’ve had ADD all my life – and I’m able to organize better with your methods than any other.”
Michael Milligan

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The Practicalities of Highly Organized People

Change Your Mindset

Do you ever wonder if you have the right genetic makeup to be organized? We often talk about whether being organized is a skill or inherent. A previous Get Organized Wizard article focused on 10 Things Organized People DO Every Day. Every day! These are tasks that people do consistently to help their day run smoothly. But what […]

The Only Closet Organizing Tips You Need

14 Days To An Organized Closet: BONUS

Coming up next on our schedule is our popular 14 Days To An Organized Closet Challenge. Do you want to create a tidy closet without having to get rid of your entire wardrobe? You can! We’ll show you how to create an inspiring wardrobe layout that is catalogue-picture worthy. Decluttered, streamlined and organized! What Is The […]

Spring Cleaning Tips For An Organized Home

Spring Cleaning Home

Spring brings lots of surprises. Sunny skies, fresh produce and new spring fashion. You may be ready for it, but is your house prepared for it? Spring brings in dusting and scrubbing chores, but don’t let it derail and discourage you. With simple tricks, your spring cleaning need not become an arduous job. By the time you’re […]

Get Organized To Lose Weight

30 Day Weight Lossathon

A quick reminder: our next online program starts Monday 13 April (US Time). 30-Day Weight Loss-athon Learn to change mindsets that prevent you from keeping any weight loss off, permanently. We have helped people who: Want to shift a few pesky pounds Need to lose a lot of weight for health reasons Need to break a […]