10 Things To Do At Night For A Good Morning

Have Good Morning


The way you bid the world adieu each night affects the way the world greets you the next day.

Here are 10 simple things to do before bed that help to make the morning a good one.

Organize Your Evening Ritual:
10 Things To Do At Night For A Good Morning

1. Do a quick tidy

Put things away and straighten up a little. It will make all the difference to wake up and see a sense of order in your home.

2. Preempt morning panic

Attack the trouble areas the night before. Coffee beans in the machine? Work outfit decided? Kids’ schoolbags packed?

3. Prepare the breakfast zone

Set the table and create a pleasant vibe in the dining area. Flowers, a potted plant or bright placemats can help make a cheery start to your day.

4. Make a list of things to handle tomorrow

Get niggles onto a to-do list – it will make room in your head for sweet dreams.

5. Set the alarm (if you need it)

Allow enough time to get ready and be where you need to be without stressing yourself out.

6. Do something relaxing for 30 minutes before bed

That means switching off from work, the news and serial killer novels. Watch something pleasant on TV, chat with the family or curl up with a relaxing book.

7. Brush and floss your teeth

Ward off dental woes and go to sleep all nice and minty.

8. Wash your face

If you wear make up you’ll avoid the dreaded morning raccoon-eye. Plus you’ll keep your pillow-case fresh – a bonus for your skin.

9. Say goodnight

Share a goodnight wish or kiss with family members, a housemate or even your fave social network. It will make you smile, and smiling makes you feel good.

10. Think of things you’re grateful for

Do this while going off to sleep. Feeling grateful is linked with greater happiness. Plus it’s lovely note on which to end the day.

Do you have a nighttime ritual? Do share – but um, this is a G-rated blog, so keep it wholesome. 🙂

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Michele Connolly

Michele Connolly is into writing, books, simplicity, love, TV, productivity, and staying thin in a world of chocolate.

This is pretty much the list I have for bedtime! My daughter is at college so no backpack worries, but I check my briefcase each night to make sure I have the things I need for tomorrow. We also check the weather report – in the winter we need to know if we have to get up earlier to shovel. The one other thing I try to do is check my menu for what’s for dinner the next day and put any meat to thaw in the fridge.

Great list, but I would like to add one extra item to the list.
I put items in a recyle bag in the front door with things I need to take with me the next day( coupons, returns with recipts and ect.

These are all great tips except for one….I don’t what the laws are where you live…..but putting pot plants out in the morning at the breakfast table is a little on the illegal side……. 😉

Great tips and I’m thrilled to say I practice just about every one. On a business note…. I work from home and whenever I have an early morning meeting, the night before I create a list of everything I need to take with me – including the obvious, such as “cell phone”. Even if it’s a regular meeting, I always take a few moments to be sure and list everything I need to grab from my office in the morning, laying out what I can. That way I’m always prepared and having just assembled my stuff so it’s fresh in my mind that I didn’t forget anything. It gives me confidence to drive off feeling totally prepared.

Wonderful tips Michele! I just found this on your Twitter feed and am happy to re-tweet. I’ve written a lot about this myself and adding an energy & mental health sanity routine to this set about completes my morning and evening “prep”. Keeps things sane and happy. Thanks for posting!

Excellent tips. I can definitely implement more of these. I’m going to set the breakfast table for tomorrow. I am already grateful that this is going to make the morning run much smoother.

Best Wishes, Amy

Love it! Some of these I already do (reading a book is my main way to fall asleep – if I read until I re-read the same sentence 5 times, I’m guaranteed shut eyes in less than 5 min :P), but there are great ideas here on some others to do.

Part of my ritual is usually to close the computer around 8 or 9, watch some TV while knitting until about 10-10:30, go up, wash up, read, snooze.


Very good tips.

I always prepare tomorrow morning by deciding outfit and putting all gear I need at the same place (so I just have to grab them in the morning).

It’s also wise to prepare the brain to relax before you go to bed, by for instance turning on the bed light and fixing the bed an hour before it’s bed time. This way you will feel more relaxed when you go to bed and probably have a better night’s sleep.