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52 Organizing Missions - Change Your Life in 30 minutes a week

I love getting organised – keep the missions coming!


Achievable, Motivating, Free!

52 Organizing Missions is a free e-program that helps you get organized in easy, bite-sized chunks.

It’s Achievable

I did it!! I was late, but I did it this past weekend and I’m now in the mood to do more.
Thanks for the motivation!


Here’s how it works:

  • You commit to completing just one 30-minute organizing mission a week. Easy peasy!
  • Choose extended options for more challenge, or family options to involve the whole clan.
  • Missions include decluttering, personal organization and goal-setting across life areas.

It’s Motivating

Finally stopped procrastinating and started chucking. A big bag went to the tip and a huge pile of books has gone to a good home. My Dad always used to say “a tidy room, a tidy mind”. It may not always be true but it sure does help!

These missions are brilliant, thank you!


52 Organizing Missions - Change Your Life in 30 minutes a week

52 Organizing Missions uses accountability motivation to help you get better organized. Here’s how:

  • You’re publicly accountable to complete each weekly mission.
  • After joining 52 Organizing Missions you register your public commitment by leaving a comment on the blog.
  • As well as the rewards of an increasingly organized life, we have extra motivators including badges, certificates and prizes.
  • Gain more from 52 Organizing Missions by making it a family project, getting a buddy or starting an encouragement group.
    Download a poster to help get the word out.
  • Submit your before and after photos to the 52 Organizing Missions ‘Hall of Fame’ Gallery to motivate yourself – and others.

It’s Free

Join the Movement that's Changing Lives

52 Organizing Missions Basic is totally free – no catches! So there’s no excuse to procrastinate another minute on getting organized.

Join the movement that’s
changing people’s lives
– in just 30 minutes a week.

Or Upgrade to Premium – And Get The Workbooks

52 Organizing Missions Workbooks - Change Your Life in 30 minutes a week

Turbo-charge your organizing success with the accompanying 52 Organizing Missions Workbooks.

  • Every mission in attractive, printable format
  • Fully interactive planning worksheet, to-do list and success journal for every mission
  • Provides a record of achievements as you go
  • Self-guided – progress at your own pace
  • Re-usable – repeat the program whenever you need a refresher
  • Live links to relevant blog post for accountability check-ins
  • Available now: Workbook 1: Missions 1-13 (116 pages)
  • Available now: Workbook 2: Missions 14-26 (120 Pages)
  • Coming soon: Workbook 3: Missions 27-39 and Workbook 4: Missions 40-52

Join Today!

It’s super simple.

  1. Choose your preferred option below.
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  2. You’ll receive your first mission within minutes!

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  52 Missions
52 Missions
Design Your
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With printable missions plus additional planning
worksheets, to-do lists and success journals
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13 Missions in advance for you to complete
at your own pace
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Comprehensive 12-Month Program –
Life Design & Self-Improvement Program
Includes weekly e-classes, workbooks, videos
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