Life & Goal Organizer – Update

Life & Goal Organizer - now fully interactive!

We’ve gone 2.0!

All the Get Organized Wizard products (excluding e-books) are now fully interactive. You can enter text onscreen, edit, save and print.

Plus they’re fully hyperlinked, so the navigation has gone warp-drive.

There’s no special software needed – it all works with the usual Adobe PDF Reader.

Now it’s even easier and more convenient to get organized!


Life & Goal Organizer

In response to feedback from our users, we’ve rebranded Get Organized Wizard for Smart Women as Life & Goal Organizer.

This is because:

  1. Our customers tell us they use the system to organize all their goals across 12 life areas, and
  2. Guys are using it. (Apart from the images and a couple of worksheets in the Personal Presentation module, the information is gender-neutral.)

Thanks for letting us know!

Complimentary Interactive Version Upgrade for Customers

If you purchased the non-interactive version of Get Organized Wizard for Smart Women, simply email Customer Support and we’d love to upgrade you to the interactive version at no charge.

This upgrade offer expires 5 April 2009.

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