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10 Of The Most Awesome Organizing Tips Ever


Here are 10 truly awesome organizing tips.

They could dramatically change your life. Use them at your own peril!

1. Laundry

Save enormous time and expense when it comes to washing your clothes. How? Stop washing them.

Instead, continue to wear your apparel until people start to complain or the dog will no longer sit next to you.

Then abandon the attire at a charity bin drive-by. On your way to re-stock at the mall.

2. Filing

Do you procrastinate on filing because you’re never sure in what category something belongs? Well that’s about to change.

Whenever you have an item you want to file, give the new item its very own category.

It looks better if you make up a nice label and suspension file, too. Genius!

3. Kids’ lunches

Provide each child with a mini bar fridge to keep near a power point at school (staff rooms, classrooms and principle’s offices will all suffice).

Then each Monday, stock up each child with a loaf of bread, luncheon meats, a tomato, and some mustard.

Hey presto – the lunches virtually make themselves!

4. Broken shower screen/Always running out of toilet paper

Kill two bathroom-birds with one clever stone.

First, buy toilet paper in bulk. Then, fashion a fortress around the shower, made entirely of toilet rolls.

Voila – instant shower screen, plus a handy, ready-to-grab stock of TP.

Warning: Keep movement in the shower to a minimum. Or take a bath.

5. Cheap petrol

Don’t spend more than you have to on petrol. Go where the bargains are.

Which is generally petrol stations out in the country.

Why not make a family day of it? Load the kids in the car and drive around the dustier roads for hours till you find an offer that’s too good to refuse.

6. Garden

Want to enjoy the thrill of spring blossoms but tired of all the time and care it takes?

Just pop on over to your local plastic-flower warehouse and fill up your basket with azaleas, bougainvilleas, camellias, daffodils… (you get the idea – I’m doing an alphabetical thing here).

When you get home, ‘plant’ the blooms in your garden.

Install a outdoor bench and enjoy. Lovely!

7. Anti-aging

Forget Botox, cosmetic surgery and expensive creams. This priceless strategy is guaranteed to have people thinking you look half your age.

Here’s what you do.

When someone asks your age, double it. Then sit back and drink in the compliments.

You’ll have everyone wanting to know your secret.

8. Clutter guilt

Use this tip to rid yourself of clutter-related guilt forever.

Purchase a range of bins, barrels, boxes, filing cabinets, wardrobe systems, hampers, and sundry organizing paraphernalia and arrange it throughout your home.

Whenever you look at these storage solutions, you’ll realize how ugly, anal, and time consuming they are. Suddenly your once-maligned clutter will seem like a lovable – but scruffy – member of the family.

Who’s a cute pile of old magazines? You are! Yes you are!

9. Tasks

With this system you’ll be free of cumbersome diaries and planners forever, yet grow in productivity and time management. It’s simple, too.

All that’s required is to limit your to-do list to a maximum of 10 items at a time. Start with any 10 of your current tasks.

Next, explain to your boss, colleagues, and underlings that your current task quota is filled, but that you’ll be happy to accept new to-do items as soon as a space opens up.

Expect a Jerry Maguire-like reaction. But better.

10. Garage

Is your garage so full of stuff there’s nowhere to park your car? Well, wait till you hear this solution. It’s so elegantly simple you’ll wonder why you never thought of it yourself.

All you have to do is move all your garage crap inside your house. Did someone say ‘instant car space’?

Back her in, Eddy!

15 thoughts on “10 Of The Most Awesome Organizing Tips Ever

  1. Jon V says:

    Super funny. Enjoyable reading. Like Stephen, we also did #10 in reverse although slightly different. We moved the stuff into the garage and put the car in the family room. Now, we have a leather lounge and somewhere to put our Gin and Tonic’s 😉

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