Organizing Q & A: A Morsel a Day Keeps the Bingeing Away

Organizing Q & A: A morsel a day keeps the bingeing away Often I get reader questions that I think might apply to other readers, too. So I’m starting a little ‘column’ of organizing Q & A.

If you have a question relating to a post, personal organization, decluttering, simplicity or goals, simply post your question on the blog.

If it’s of broad interest I’ll do my best to answer helpfully in this Q & A ‘column’.

And of course if you have insights of your own, feel free to share them as well. 🙂

NB: Questions may be edited for clarity/brevity.


Yes, I have a TV viewing policy, but I will watch the show all day, from season one to the current season. Afterward I realize I wasted too much time. What is your advice for this situation?


It’s a bit like the perennial diet challenge – it’s not ideal to eat an entire family block of chocolate, but sometimes you do!

(What? Just me? OK then.)

I suspect most of us can relate to the occasional splurge/binge/excess in one life area or another.

It’s rarely about the object of our overindulgence, is it? It’s more often a way to let off steam or enjoy a little escapism.

Just as over-eating chocolate now and then isn’t the end of the world if you eat a moderate diet most of the time, the occasional TV marathon may not have to be a ‘problem’ if you generally spend your time well.

In my experience it’s not effective to try and cut out the things you love altogether – whether TV, shopping treats or Tim Tams. It tends not to work and can sometimes create a backlash where the forbidden object is all you can think about.


  1. See if you can find a way to enjoy just a little of what you love everyday. You might even find that the need to go overboard disappears.
  2. Focus on using your time well, eating well, being smart with money. In other words, think about the things you do want to be/have/do, rather then what you don’t want. This shift of focus can help move you into a more balanced state of mind.

And if you choose to have the occasional overindulgence, enjoy it. There’s nothing like guilt to suck the pleasure out of an experience and leave you feeling like you need even more to scratch the itch.

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