How To Be A More Organized Traveler – Around The World or In Your Car

How To Be A More Organized TravelerThis week I’ve seen two helpful posts on getting organized for travel, at opposite ends of the travel scale.

Around the World

Unclutterer has a post on travelling from Chris Guillebeau. Chris is a man with a plan – to visit every country in the world (113 out of 197 done) before his 35th birthday in 4 years. Impressive!

He offers a few tips for being a more organized, less stressed traveler, including:

  • Taking fewer clothes
  • Having nothing large in the bag
  • Being flexible
  • Combining items and multitasking wherever possible
  • Leaving things along the way
  • Having the right technology

And he should know!

On the Road

For road trippers, Productivity 501 suggests some handy Tips for Car Travel:

  • Driving into the daytime rather than night
  • Having a large store of podcasts & books on CD
  • Using GPS
  • Writing down highway patrol numbers before leaving
  • Preparing first aid and emergency supplies
  • Knowing how to change a tire
  • Getting a professional vehicle maintenance check
  • Doing a visual check of your car – lights, etc – yourself
  • Packing a single overnight bag should you stop at a hotel
  • Rationing toys over time
  • Keeping cells and such charged, and taking chargers with you
  • Programming your cell with numbers for hotels, information, etc
  • Having good sunglasses

However grand or simple your travel, what are your best tips for well-organized and stress-free travel? Please share them in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “How To Be A More Organized Traveler – Around The World or In Your Car

  1. Mary Pino says:

    I usually try to follow these tips. But for some reason I always buy a lot of clothes, because I worry that I will need something from the things and it won’t be. That’s why I always rent a car when I fly somewhere, because it’s very difficult to carry a suitcase all the time when there are a lot of things. The last time I used the services of Enterprise downtown Edmonton was when I flew to Canada.

  2. jack nelson says:

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  3. Elena Peter says:

    Great post. Thank you for sharing some great tips. Doing a visual checkup of a car is very important before leaving your house. I always do the same. I also take care of other on-road tips that you have shared with us.

  4. Kylie says:

    Now school is out this blog is a timely recap. And when you factor kids in, we could all use some new tricks!

    One of my sons recently developed car sickness. We now travel prepared for any unexpected ‘outbursts’, including baggies, a change of clothes, baby wipes and plastic bags to isolate soiled clothes.

    Just 5 minutes extra planning means we continue on our journey in quicker time, without too much stress.

    Happy travels.

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