Organize Your Communications – And Get Better Customer Service! (With Free ‘Disputes Contact Record’ Download)

Organize Your Communications – And Get Better Customer Service!You Get Better Customer Service by Being a Better Customer, according to LifeHacker. (Their article summarizes the first of several points that explain How to Be the Best Customer by Wise Bread.)

And how do you become a better customer? By getting organized and keeping a record of your communications. (See below for a free Disputes Contact Record download.)

As the LifeHacker article says:

“This way, should I need to explain some past event I can say “I spoke with Nick on August 27th, at 2:30, and he applied promotion code 0808PHONE to my account.”

“You’re more likely to get help and a resolution to your problem if the customer service rep knows that you know what is going on, and that you’ve been taking careful notes all along. After all, who doesn’t like helping someone who has already demonstrated a willingness to help themselves and listen?”

Great advice!

For those of us who like to be organized and systematic about such things, it’s a good idea to keep a log that prompts you to note the essentials, like:

  • Date
  • Form of communication (email, phone, etc)
  • Name of person you communicated with
  • Notes of the exchange.

To save you creating your own log, I’ve attached a downloadable PDF of a Disputes Contact Record from my Ultimate To-Do List Pack | Home & Family Edition. It’s interactive, so you can Type-&-Save or Print-&-Write.

[drain file 553 show]

I’d love you to let me know if you find it useful.

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