Getting Organized Quick Tip: How To Unpack Groceries For Freshness

Getting Organized Quick Tip #4: Do you regularly find expired food in your pantry or fridge?

Or discover you’ve used up fresh items with distant use-by dates, leaving you stuck with older food of dubious provenance?

Here’s a very simple trick for making sure you use up older supplies first.

Getting Organized Quick Tip #4:
How To Unpack Groceries For Freshness

When you put groceries away, simply put the new stocks behind what you already have.

  • Fresher eggs go behind older ones.
  • Just-purchased frozen items go at the back of the freezer.
  • Newer pantry stores go behind their respective older stocks (mushroom soup behind mushroom soup, etc).

It might sound obvious, but if you looked in your pantry right now, what would you find?

The trick with this tip is to make a habit of unpacking your groceries this way, rather than thinking you’ll re-arrange them later. In fact, one of the secrets of getting and staying organized is this: organized people avoid tasks that have to be done ‘later’.

With this tip, you’ll always reach for the item that will expire first – without ever having to re-order your pantry or fridge.

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