Organize Your Back-Ups Please, Dear Reader (With Free Computer Back-Up Planner)

Organize Your Back-Ups Last week my computer’s motherboard died, leaving me unplugged and mostly offline.

If you have a business or your computer contains important documents or precious photos, then you know how stressful this situation could be.

But, although I missed my cyber-friends and felt bereft without Xander (my laptop), I made good use of the time, doing research for upcoming organizing products while the motherboard was being assembled and installed.

The reason I could work happily rather than panic was that I have a regular back-up plan using 4 simple steps to back up my files. No matter how dire the motherboard situation turned out to be, I knew I’d be able to retrieve most or all of my work, research, playlists and photos.

Today I’m back online. As it turns out, I didn’t need my back-up, thanks to the excellent dudes at Dell *waves* and some smart searching of error codes. (Dell replaced the motherboard gratis since it was a ‘known error’. If only life had those.)

But the peace of mind was wonderful.

Computer Back-Up Planner For You

Free Computer Back-Up Planner For You Next time I may not be so lucky – nor may you. So please, dear reader, back up!

To help you get organized to back up your computer, I’ve attached a downloadable PDF of a Computer Back-Up Planner from my Life & Goal Organizer.

It’s interactive, so you can Type-&-Save or Print-&-Write.

[drain file 732 show]

Let me know if you find it helpful!

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4 thoughts on “Organize Your Back-Ups Please, Dear Reader (With Free Computer Back-Up Planner)

  1. Johanne says:

    Agreed – I regularly back-up my whole D: drive as well. I just grab all that’s on it, and burn on DVDs (with a few important folders grabbed from C:). One thing I don’t often do but should, though, is a back-up of my Outlook and my bookmarks…

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