Simplify Your Life Quick Fix: Limit Your Hangers

Simplify Your Life Quick Fix: Limit Your Hangers

Want to simplify your life? Try this Quick Fix:

Simplify Your Life Fix #3: Limit Your Hangers

Keep just enough hangers for your current closet of clothes.

This works best if you’ve already completed:

Now, whenever you buy something new, you’ll have to donate or ditch another item of clothing in order to free up a hanger.

It’s a great way to keep your closet under control – and your life nice and simple.

Do you have any closet simplifying tips to share?
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2 thoughts on “Simplify Your Life Quick Fix: Limit Your Hangers

  1. Yasmin Mukadam says:

    Section your wardrobe into 3 areas: 1) Work clothing 2) Casual day wear for home and out with family and friends 3) Party dresses and clothes for those fab, fun nights out! THEN make a goal not to buy the same colour and style of clothing unless you replace/recycle an existing item.. Lastly spring clean and roll tshirt tops and jumpers to save.. Good luck!

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