What Do Your Tools Say About Your Goal Commitment?

To support your goals, use the right tools

This week in The Age, Valerie Khoo discusses what your business tools reveal about your commitment:

The tools you use are an indication of how serious you are about your business. Do you have a dedicated website or are your using a free blogging platform like Blogger… Does your email address feature your own domain name or that of your internet service provider.

Valerie’s test of commitment can apply to many life areas:

  • If you want to improve yourself, do you have quality books, programs and education?
  • If you want to get fitter, so you have the workout wear to look and feel the part?
  • If you want a successful business, do your promotional materials support you?
  • If you want to get promoted, does your briefcase fit your future?
  • If you want an organized home, do you have a filing cabinet, toy bins, a mini-vac?
  • If you want to take charge of your money, do you have personal-finance software?
  • If you want to be well-presented, do you have clothes that look and feel good?
  • If you want to be happy, do you have the the simple things – like books or DVDs, paints or a guitar – that cheer you up?

Time to get serious about your goals?

Think about your own goals. What do your tools say about how serious you are? If you’re struggling to achieve your goals, perhaps it’s time to upgrade the tools that support you.

As Valerie says, ‘The problem is that when we embark on new goals we’re often hesitant to invest in the tools we need to help us get there’.

Don’t buy something for the sake of it, but do ask yourself if you’re held back because there’s something you need. Good tools will better equip you to work toward your objectives.

But perhaps more importantly, it’s sometimes the investment we make that shows others, as well as ourselves, that we’re serious.

Your say

In what area are your tools – or lack of them – letting you down?
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