Do You Use Information as Procrastination?

Avoid using information as procrastination

What are your goals? Do you spend lots of time reading or learning about weight loss, starting a business, or getting your finances sorted, but never make any progress?

Information as Procrastination

Could you be using information as a form of procrastination – a way to trick yourself into thinking you’re doing something productive?

Some people spend their time and energy on an unending quest to read more, ponder more, discuss more. But they never get around to taking the actions that would move them closer to achieving their goals.

Focus on Motivation, too

Getting the information you need is smart and savvy – just don’t get stuck at the information-gathering stage. Keep learning and growing, but don’t excuse yourself from doing something with what you learn.

I suspect you already know enough to get started. What can you do today to move toward your goals? What action can you take?

Do it today.

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