Get Organized in 5 Minutes a Day [New Program]

Organize Your Life in Just  5 Minutes a Day!

The most common organizing problem I hear is some variation of this:

I need to get organized, simplify my life and clear the *?$^#* clutter.
But all I can spare is 5 minutes a day. Help!

So I set about creating a program to help meet this need.

Here’s what I’ve come up with.

Organize In 5

Organize In 5 is the time-poor, busy person’s solution to an organized life.

You tackle your home, work, closet, computer, health, finances, time management, relationships, family – even relaxation.

But you do it in tiny little actions that take just 5 minutes each. I kid you not – 5 miniscule minutes. We even provide the timer.

How Does it Work?

Organize In 5

1. Read Your Short Email

Each day you receive a short email with your daily organizing action.

The action is described in simple steps. It’s easy and achievable.


Organize In 52. Set The Timer and Go

Click the link in the email to start the timer and off you go.

Just 5 minutes – and you’re done!


Organize In 53. Get on the Forums

Afterward, if you like, chat (or boast!) about it on the forums.

Share your tips and learn from others.


How Do I Join?

Organize In 5 costs just $4.95 per month for a strictly limited time. This is the introductory price.

You manage your own subscription from your personal dashboard, so you’re the boss and can cancel at any time.

You can learn more (though it’s pretty much all here – it’s a very simple program!) and sign up here: Organize in 5.

I hope to see you on the Organize in 5 forums!


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