A Postcard from Summer in Sydney…

Greetings from Sydney

Hello friends!

January here in Australia is pretty quiet. Schools and colleges have holidays, many workers take vacations, and the roads have relatively little traffic (relatively!). But the beaches are packed.

Tomorrow’s Australia Day, a public holiday when BBQs all over the country sizzle with steaks and prawns. After that, it’s back to serious work for most of the nation.

I’ve been enjoying the sunshine of Sydney’s splendid summer. This month I’ve read novels, caught up with friends, and worked on business goals (including an organizing product for entrepreneurs – coming soon!). I’ve taken a hiatus from 52 Organizing Missions and the blog, to refresh myself and give you guys a break, too.

But now I’m recharged and ready to go – and the next Mission will be posted in just a few hours.

So let’s get organized, get focused, and make 2010 a fabulous year. Let’s move from procrastination to action.

Come join me!


[Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/linh_rom/ / CC BY 2.0]

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