7 Things To Spring Clean in 7 Minutes Or Less

Time To Spring Clean

Feeling the urge to shake off the cobwebs, start afresh and get organized?

Here are 7 things you can do to refresh your home and your mind – and they each take only about 7 minutes.

7 Spring Cleaning Projects

1. Spring Clean Your Closet

  1. Grab a bag and quickly fill it with anything you see that doesn’t fit, doesn’t suit you, or is hopelessly out of style.
  2. Toss out any tatty shoes.

You can use the saved space to update your closet with a few new-season items.

2. Spring Clean Your Car

  1. Grab a bag and fill it with any trash or clutter from your car, glove box and the boot.
  2. Refresh the CDs in your car stereo, or update your playlist.

That should freshen up your car – and your driving mood.

3. Spring Clean Your Desk

  1. Remove all the papers and clutter from the top of your desk and place them in a box or drawer.
  2. Schedule a time to sort through all those items.
  3. Wipe down your desk.
  4. Add a cheery potted plant or some fresh flowers.

An uncluttered desk encourages an uncluttered mind – so you’ll work more effectively.

4. Spring Clean Your Kitchen

  1. Discard any expired food from your fridge, freezer and pantry.
  2. Put away any kitchenware from your countertops.
  3. Wipe down your countertops.

Keep your countertops clear and you’ll instantly feel more organized.

5. Spring Clean Your Bathroom

  1. Discard any expired medicines from your bathroom cabinet.
  2. Discard anything moldy, empty or tatty from your bath and shower.
  3. Put out some fresh soap or yummy shower products.

That feels good – and smells great too!

6. Spring Clean Your Living Space

  1. Put away remotes, DVDs, CDs, books, magazines, backpacks, homework, jackets, etc.
  2. Wipe down the coffee table.

It’s much easier to relax in a calm, clutter-free space.

7. Spring Clean Your Computer

  1. Move files from your desktop to appropriate folders.
  2. Update your background to something fun, meaningful, or motivating.
  3. Wipe down your screen and keyboard.

An organized computer means greater productivity.

Got More Time To Get Organized?

Why not do one of the 30-minute get-organized missions in our 52 Organizing Missions program? It’s achievable, motivating, and it works!

[Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/abbylanes/ / CC BY 2.0]

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