BRAND NEW! Design Your Life ‘Lifetime Membership’

Your Remedy For Creating The Life You Want

We’ve been getting feedback that people would like to join the Design Your Life e-Program with a single payment – versus monthly subscription payments. And they’d like a substantial price reduction for doing so, thank you very much!

So we’re pleased to introduce the brand new Design Your LifeLifetime Membership’.

Join Up In Whichever Way You Prefer

You can now choose to join Design Your Life in one of two ways:

  • Monthly Membership ($39 per month): Your payment is automatically made each month (you can cancel at any time – no questions asked)
  • Lifetime Membership ($179 single payment): You make a single payment and remain a member for life.

Existing Design Your Life Members: If you’d like to convert to Lifetime Membership, contact Customer Service and we’ll work out a price based on your payments to date.

How Design Your Life Works

Design Your Life Easy-To-Use Dashboard

We cover a great deal over the course of the program, but it’s broken down into weekly, bite-size activities so it’s simple and manageable, never overwhelming. With the user-friendly dashboard, you always have easy access to all the parts of your program.

Design Your Life 52 Modules across 12 Life Areas

Every month you receive a workbook for one of 12 important life areas – including health, home organization, money, career, relationships, time, and other key important areas for life change. NEW: Complete the modules in whatever order you like! Modules 1-32 available now.

Design Your Life Regular Emails

You can go through the workbooks at your own pace, but most people prefer to follow the set schedule, prompted via our regular emails – it means you only have to do the assigned amount and you’ll stay on track. It’s a nice way to keep making progress without putting too much pressure on yourself.

Design Your Life Weekly E-Classes

This schedule comes to you via your weekly e-classes. These are short overviews of the projects for the week, plus tips and strategies to guide and motivate you. Sometimes there’s an optional video as well.

Design Your Life Accountability Forums

The forums are a particularly valuable part of the program, especially if you use them to log your weekly actions as we encourage you to. Others on the forums will encourage and motivate you, celebrate your success, and share support, resources and tips.

Design Your Life Take It With You On Your iPhone

You can view your completed action planners and workbooks, as well as participate on all the Design Your Life private forums, right from your iPhone.

Design Your Life Simple How-To Videos

Short videos get you up to speed in no time, meaning you can get started on Your New Life straight away.

Design Your Life Library of Resources

You get access to more than 550 downloadable, printable and super-practical organizing and goal-setting tools. Includes weekly and daily to-do lists, goal planners, schedules, charts, decision grids, career & business planners, gratitude journals, and much, much more.

Design Your Life Bonus Programs

You receive:

The Design Your Life program is an easy, practical way to create the life you want – week by week, step by step, action by action.

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