Getting Organized: Some Links & Resources

Getting Organized

Here’s a round-up of some good articles and ideas I’ve found recently.


A bunch of stuff from Lifehacker on getting organized to get more creative:

Tough times

Good tips for avoiding chaos when dealing with tough times from Lifehack:

False beliefs

How to tap the strange power of being overoptimistic– a fascinating article from Scientific American:


‘Don’t speak!’ Some wise words – to be wise and use fewer words – from Gretchen Rubin:

Organized workspaces

Post-holiday office tidying tips from Unclutterer:


The WSJ tells us that good parenting is less work and more fun than people think:

Impact of donating

You know all that stuff you’re decluttering with 52 Organizing Missions? You can calculate the impact of your donated stuff via the new Donate/Goodwill Movement:

By the way…

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