This Month’s Prize: A Get Organized Wizard Gift Certificate!

52 Missions Home Organizer

Congratulations to our 52 Organizing Missions winner for this month!

Marti: “Organized my presentation. I managed to clear out clothes that don’t fit, are too old, as well as shoes, jewelry. I pared things down to the point that what I have left fits well, looks good and I love to wear. This has been a most successful site for me. Thank you.”

Marti wins a $79 Get Organized Wizard Gift Certificate.

July Prize: $79 Get Organized Wizard Gift Certificate

52 Missions Home Organizer The Gift Certificate can be used to purchase our very popular Life & Goal Organizer, or the brand new 52 Missions Home Organizer, or can be applied toward a value pack (Premium Pack, Complete Suite or Ultimate Pack).

52 Missions Home Organizer includes 4 PDF workbooks totaling more than 470 pages and including worksheets, to-do lists and success journals for every mission.

The 30-minute simplifying, organizing and decluttering missions cover home, office, car, closet, purse, time, family, chores, mindset, garage, storage, routines, career, to-do list and much more. People are amazed at what they accomplish in each 30-minute segment. No other organizing program makes such excellent use of your time!

Learn more about 52 Missions Home Organizer.

Get Organized, Leave Comment, Win Prize!

Want to be next month’s winner?

Simply leave a comment letting us know you’ve completed a 30-minute organizing mission at the bottom of the post.

Every month we’ll choose one commenter to receive a cool prize. (For added incentive, we may be biased toward people who complete more than one mission.)

Learn more about 52 Missions Home Organizer.

7 thoughts on “This Month’s Prize: A Get Organized Wizard Gift Certificate!

  1. Johanne says:

    I’ve done a couple of the missions, some on my own, and some with a group of friends – they are definitely great! I like how they are small, specific , and manageable. I really would like to be more committed to the whole program… teehee I think have the worksheets would help a lot, so we’ll see if I’m lucky 😛

    Thanks for organizing these!!

  2. Shoshana says:

    I’ve just completed my second week but was able to finish 3 missions. I’ve always kept my handbag organized (it’s too small to put too many things in it anyway) and I’ve have my bills on auto pay for awhile. So I’ve worked on forgoing the freebies which is hard for me since I don’t like to pass up a “good deal”. I also got to go back and do the first mission again to fill a bag to donate items to a local charity that was collecting in my area. I’d say I’ve had a pretty productive week. 🙂

  3. Shoshana says:

    I just started and completed my first 30 minute mission. I was able to fill more than one hu-u-uge trash bag and went past the 30 minutes but it did feel great to get rid of some of the clutter.

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