Get Organized in 5 Minutes: Adopt OCI-OGO

Get Organized in 5 Minutes Here’s something you can do to get better organized – and it’ll take you just 5 minutes!


  1. Decide to adopt OCI-OGO in your life. This means One Comes In – One Goes Out: every time something new comes into your home, car, handbag, briefcase, closet or life – something old goes out.
  2. If you like, place a note saying OCI-OGO inside your closet, on your credit card, or wherever you need reminders.

And you’re done!

OCI-OGO is a great way to enjoy new things while avoiding clutter and overwhelm.

Remember: 1. Move fast. 2. Don’t overthink. 3. Feel great about getting organized!

Start the 5-minute timer now.

10 thoughts on “Get Organized in 5 Minutes: Adopt OCI-OGO

  1. Dawn says:

    Oci-OGO This will be hard to implement (remember:) but I know it will help me continue to recover from my years of hoarding and disorganization.

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