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30-Day Organize-athon | Week 2 Prize For Getting Organized

Organize in 5 e-program

We’ve passed the halfway point of the 30-Day Organize-athon! Woohoo!

Many of you are saying your homes are already looking much less cluttered and better organized. That’s a pretty awesome result for only 5 minutes a day!

Now I know some of the tasks are a stretch to complete in 5 minutes, but here’s the thing. Well, two things.

  1. The surprise that many of you have discovered is that 5 minutes is actually a reasonable amount of time when you have a clear plan, focus and determination. Even 5 minutes will gain you progress toward any decluttering or organizing project, so doing your 5 minutes consistently is fabulous. Simply stop at the end of that time if you want to. You’ll have gotten somewhere, plus you’ll be creating a decluttering habit.
  2. For many others, the fact that you’re only committing to 5 minutes is what gets you past the perfectionistic procrastinator you usually wrestle with – it’s only 5 minutes so you can’t expect perfection. Then, once you start, you wonder why you procrastinated so long, and you want to do more. So do as much as you feel like doing!

Whichever is you, and you might vary depending on the task, just go with it. Do what feels good. But don’t beat yourself up for not doing more – you’re already doing more than you would have done otherwise. So yay all of us!

You all deserve prizes, but this week the prize goes to: Megan S. Megan, we’ll be in touch about your prize – or feel free to contact HelpDesk@GetOrganizedWizard.com. You can start your program any time you want.

This week’s prize is a 12-month subscription to Organize in 5, the 365-day e-program on which the 30-Day Organize-athon is based.

With Organize In 5 you tackle your home, work, closet, computer, health, finances, time management, relationships, family – even relaxation. You do it in tiny little actions that take just 5 minutes each. Now because they’re little actions (smaller than the ones we’ve been doing), they don’t seem like much effort at all. But because they’re every day, or even most days (yes, it’s OK to miss a day), they add up fast. I think of Organize In 5 as the time-poor, busy person’s solution to an organized life.

Again, I want to thank you all for being so fabulous and following through on your commitment, even though sometimes I’ve asked a lot of you. Smile Together we’re making the world a happier, more organized place.

There are more prizes to come in the weeks ahead, including The Works! Pack, which contains our entire collection of organizing and productivity products and membership programs, including the hugely popular 52 Missions Home Organizer, Life & Goal Organizer, Design Your Life, My Business Organizer, plus much, much more!

So keep doing your 5-minute organizing tasks and checking in each day on the relevant blog post. (Comments on the Facebook page are no longer eligible for prizes, only because I think it might breach Facebook’s rules. However, if it’s accountability you’re after, by all means check in and post that you’ve completed the day’s task on Facebook.)

And I’ll see you very soon for Day 16’s task. We’ve had a few challenging ones this week, so the next task will be pretty easy. Smile

18 thoughts on “30-Day Organize-athon | Week 2 Prize For Getting Organized

  1. Annette says:

    This 30 day organize-athon are the challenges I needed to help me get organized. My home is looking better even though I couldn’t complete them in 5 minutes. I have continued to work on them. Thanks for getting me motivated and wanting to keep things organized.

  2. Kim Beers says:

    So tell me that it’s not too late to start again!
    I have missed this whole week 🙁 completely exhausted and overwhelmed with my schedule this week, washing my hair is a chore right now.
    I was so excited to do this challenge And failed the first week..

  3. bee says:

    My first thought was ‘oh this is wonderful! The socks & underwear drawer is the most tidy and organized spot in my home’, and it is. Reading the list of things that might be missing I realized I had a number of bras I’d never worn and had forgotten about. I prefer camisoles but a (gorgeous) friend of mine had been trying to get me to dress in a sexy manner and took me shopping. . .around Xmas. . . The one before last . . .

    Well, with the tags still on, they can go to the thrift shop. They are just clutter. I don’t use/wear them, don’t want them, let alone love them. Maybe your message is beginning to sink in.

    Thank you so much for this month of daily prompts. I think I could make it an automatic, routine part of every day if I could make it a habit to do the organizing at the same time every day, like exercise. I usually get distracted when I begin to try to organize or declutter. Often the task of getting rid of clutter seems so enormous that I’m deer-in-the-headlights paralyzed and do nothing but experience the feeling of being over whelmed (and further procrastinate).

    I hope I can convey how much I appreciate your help. Instead of always feeling overwhelmed there are now times I think “I can do this” starting with your 5 minute challenges. Thanks.

  4. Debra Page says:

    Good Sabbath to all. At first, when I read this, I thought how silly and useless. No, after getting into it, I found why it is necessary. Lots of things get pushed back into the overflow. No wonder thingss come up missing. Thank you.

  5. Debra Stanley says:

    Congrats Megan

    We are still all winners

    I know i am

    It is the first thing i have commited to for so long and am even shocking myself by still being here

    Have even got my hubby doing it as well now and i notice more and more of my friends on here as the days go by and so many that i talk to on the phone are also doing the challenges as they see them on my page

    My best friend who i always thought was the best declutterer/dehoarderer ever has been learning a lot of new tips and that amazes me as her house is always looking perfect
    i strive to be her in her house and life lol

    I am so glad that i stumbled across this and thank you

    Luv Deb

  6. Raleigh says:

    Congratulation Megan 🙂 Great prize Michele.

    I love the way this blog calls me gorgeous when there aren’t any comments yet.

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