A Little Strategy To Help You Remember Stuff

Get Organized To Clear Mental Clutter

If you’re time-poor and challenge-rich (and who isn’t these days?), then you probably struggle with all the things you have to do, remember, take somewhere, return, pick up, and so on. It’s oh-so-easy to forget things, mutter obscenities under your breath and feel overwhelmed.

Here’s a neat little strategy that can help you remember the things you want to remember, when you want to remember them. Which helps your time management and boosts feelings of productivity.

Here’s how it works.

You create a reminder in the place you’ll be when you need the reminder.

For example:

Notice something has run out and needs replacing?

Don’t add it to a list that lives on your fridge.

Instead, keep your list in your purse or bag so you always have it handy when you’re at the store.

Or use an app on your iPhone or Android for shopping and errands lists.

Keen to change your eating habits?

Don’t kid yourself that you’ll magically remember to swap full-fat for low-fat, or use a smaller plate.

Instead, note the new habit you’re trying to create on a post-it and put it right on the fridge or pantry door.

We make great use of this strategy in many of the tasks in the 30-Day Weight Loss-athon.

Got an idea for a blog post?

Don’t write a note in your diary or make a to-do list item.

Instead, type the idea straight into a new blog post draft.

If you use a platform like WordPress you can do this from your phone.

Need to take things to the library, car, store, etc?

Don’t expect to remember them when you next head out.

Instead, as soon as you realize they need to go somewhere, put them by the door.

Or create a dedicated outgoing space.

You get the idea…

Whatever you want to remember, put your reminder where you’ll see it when you want to be prompted.

It’s a simple strategy that can help eliminate mental clutter and improve your memory.

Got more ways you can you use this idea? Please share them with us!

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