How To Be Happier: Diversify Your Happiness

How To Be Happier: Diversify Your Happiness

For many years I worked in financial services. (Don’t worry, I’ve recovered. 🙂 )

One investment strategy forever burned into my brain is to diversify your assets. You know: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

It makes sense – baskets get dropped, markets rise and fall. If you’ve put everything into one area, then you not only suffer big-time if that area falters, but you miss out on gains when other areas do well.

Now I love this strategy, but not just for money.

Diversification is also a brilliant strategy to apply to happiness.

Think of these classic stories:

  • The workaholic who spends every waking moment on their career or business, and is left devastated the day they’re made redundant or their business fails
  • The person obsessed with their romantic relationship and no time for friends, who has no-one to turn to when things go sour
  • The person who spends all their money on fun, shopping and travel, and is miserable when they encounter that inevitable rainy day.

Maybe you know people who’ve had these experiences. Maybe they’ve happened to you.

To live a happy life, it’s wise to invest your time, energy and affection across several life areas. To spread your emotional capital across various opportunities and relationships and interests and goals.

Not too many things, but enough to give your life balance and protect your happiness from a crash in one area.

Don’t put all your emotional eggs in one basket. Plant a few different flowers in your garden.

That way, when things change, as they always do, you’ll have other sources of comfort, pleasure and happiness to turn to.

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