Get Organized Wizard New Logo

What’s Going On At Get Organized Wizard

Get Organized Wizard New Logo

There’s a lot happening here at Get Organized Wizard.

At the moment I’m busily:

  • Updating the logo (as you can see above!)
  • Revamping the website – with a new look and a brand new store
  • Refreshing my products – some will be retired, others repackaged, and in the months ahead, cool new products will be introduced
  • Updating the newsletter – it will be shorter and simpler
  • Making the site, store, and newsletter mobile-friendly
  • Working on a fabulous new challenge for November – Hint: Eminem would approve. 🙂
One of the changes I’m making is to structure the new site into 4 areas:
  1. Time Management
  2. Home Organization
  3. Life Management (Relationships, Perfectionism, Happiness, Goals, Money & Finance, Style, Procrastination, Health & Fitness)
  4. Business & Career.
I think these categories sum up the areas you guys are interested in that I write about. What do you think?

I’m super-excited about all the cool things I have in store for you.

Can’t wait to unveil the new stuff next month!

Michele Connolly - Get Organized Wizard


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