2013 My Personal Goals

2013: My Personal Goals

2013 My Personal Goals

I’m not one of those people who starts January 1 with New Year’s resolutions or clear, well-defined goals. December is always a busy month and early January is when I do my annual declutter. My head’s not in a goal-setting place.

But by about mid-January the combination of a fresh year, a decluttered home, and a little break from the every-day helps me to get clearer on what I want to start, do, and achieve as the year unfolds.

This year I thought I’d share my goals for 2013. Which I’ve not done before – and frankly, it’s a bit scary.

One of my goals is a secret goal, because it’s a big one, and I’m not sure how much I want it. If I still feel the way I do now in a couple of months, I’ll share it then. 

I keep my goals deliberately vague and non-time-bound at the start of the year. Only as I get clearer on how to proceed do I get more detailed and create SMART goals.

Okay, here they are… 

Business Goals

  1. Create 3 or 4 new programs for Get Organized Wizard. Last December I ran my first fully online program, 14 Days To An Organized Closet, which was very well received and fun for me to do. So this year I want to do more.
  2. Create 2 or 3 new short products for 52 Weight Loss Missions.
  3. Spend more time creating programs and products, and less time on all other areas of the business.
  4. Secret goal.
  5. Restructure my time so I have days for GOW, days for 52WLM, and days for my secret goal.

Personal Goals

  1. Be braver: Resist doing things simply to avoid other people’s disapproval. Ah this one’s so hard for me, but it feels so very important.
  2. Learn to sing. When I sing cats cry. This is sad for me and abusive to the cats.

Health & Fitness Goals

  1. Develop a strong core. Like, abtastic. Maybe enough that I could wear a crop top at the gym. Then again maybe not.
  2. Sleep better. Perhaps do some mindfulness training.
  3. Eat better. Cut down on sugar.

Relationship Goals

  1. Reinstate date night. Maybe fortnightly.
  2. Nurture my friendships. Last year I invested a lot in my friendships and I love how great this feels. In 2013 I want more of that feeling. 🙂

What Are Your Goals?

What about you?

Would you like to share your goals?

I’d love to know what you want to achieve in 2013!

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