2014: Let’s Make It Our Year


Happy 2014!

Whatever 2013 held for you – the good, the bad, the unbelievably awful – let’s make the New Year our year.

Let’s be kinder to ourselves.

Let’s be willing to do more of what makes us happy.

Let’s focus on getting important things done, instead of needing everything to be perfect.

Let’s leave unimportant stuff undone.

Let’s accept the way people love us, and cherish their love, rather than hoping they’ll love us the way we think they should.

Let’s start things we’ve always wanted to do.

Let’s notice the good stuff that happens, and feel deeply grateful for it.

Let’s tell people we care about how much they mean to us.

Let’s forgive ourselves and everyone else for the mistakes we’ve all made.

Let’s have compassion for everyone, no matter how they act (who knows what their pain is).

Let’s take our dreams seriously, and take action toward them.

Let’s make 2014 our year.

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