Be More Productive – In Just One Week

Be More Productive

Is one of your goals for 2014 to be more productive? To improve your time management skills?

Then you’ll want to join us for one of my most popular programs: 7 Days to Better Productivity & Time Management.

Mindset Shifts For Better Productivity And Time Management

Yep – in just one week we tackle all the stuff that stops you from getting things done.

And it’s not just about tips and tricks. As with all my programs, it’s about psych hacks – the mindset stuff that lets you flick the switch and make real, meaningful changes. For most people, this is the key that helps you to finally get it, and to put all the strategies into place.

‘It’s been several months since I first went through this program. Just want to tell you that you are awesome and you’ve solved the productivity problem. This works for everyone! Great stuff and thanks!’

~ Steve

Of course you don’t have to complete the program with us – if you’re a Premium Subscriber or have purchased 7 Days to Better Productivity & Time Management then you can do your tasks whenever you like, and at your own pace.

But you may get a boost of motivation and encouragement by doing it with us, as a group.

New Group Starts Monday January 20

We start a new group on Monday, 20 January, US time. You can join us from anywhere in the world and do each day’s task at any time. Kylie will be leading the charge!

So… who’s in?


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