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Introducing The 2014 Program Schedule

Schedules are awesome, right? Who doesn’t love a good schedule?

I sure do! So this year I’m experimenting with a set calendar of my programs, both existing and new.

You still have the option of doing my programs whenever you want, completely at your own time and pace.

But I think you’ll love joining us and doing them together as a group. It’s always heaps of fun and super motivating, not to mention a great way to get that much-needed accountability. Plus you have Kylie and/or me right there to answer questions and support you as you go.

Check out this year’s schedule here:

Perfect For Premium Subscribers

If you’re a Premium Subscriber then you can do any or all of these programs, and repeat them too if you like. It’s all included in your membership. Following the schedule is a great way to help structure your use of the materials, without feeling overwhelmed.

If you’re thinking about becoming a Premium Subscriber – well seriously what are you waiting for?!? It’s amazing value. Come and join us!

And if you just want to do a program here or there, then you can purchase individual programs instead.

A couple of things to mention:

  • This schedule may change. It’s the first time I’ve done this and I want to see how it works. We may need to tweak things as we go. But I’ll let you know via the blog and Facebook if things change.
  • Some of the programs are repeated – that way, if one date doesn’t suit you, then you have other options.
  • I’ll be adding brand new programs as well, which brings me to…

New Programs Coming This Year

I’ll be adding fabulous NEW programs to the schedule over the course of the year, too.

Topics are likely to be:

  • Style – finessing your look, so you put your best foot forward and feel more confident
  • (no-diet) Diet rules – exactly what I do that lets me eat largely what I want, yet stay fit and slim
  • Goal-setting – choosing the right goals for you, and setting yourself up so you achieve them
  • Better writing – simple tips for fewer mistakes and better written communication.

So watch this space for more about the cool new stuff I have planned for you!

Brand New: MONTHLY Subscription Option

Since launching the Premium Subscription we’ve been inundated with requests for a monthly option. We’ve found a way to integrate that into our system, so you can now choose to pay your subscription either each month or each year.

As with the annual option:

  • You can cancel at any time
  • You can pay by PayPal or credit card
  • You get instant access (for as long as you stay a subscriber) to all the products and programs, from your personal My Account page
  • Your subscription rate is locked in for you – the rate will increase over time for new subscribers as we add new products and programs; but as long as you stay a member, your subscription rate stays the same for you.

Plus, for people who want mega value we’ve also added a lifetime option. Pay one upfront fee, no ongoing charges, and get access to everything on the site, and everything new we add, for as long as we’re around.

So What Do You Think?

What do you think of the new schedule?

Will you join us for any of the programs?

Learn more about the Premium Subscription

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