Improve Your Current Work Situation

Take Control

There is nothing worse than being stuck in a job you don’t like.

At some point in our working life, most of us have had a job that drains the life out of us. Mentally. Physically. Some of you might be experiencing job duress right now. 

Is that you? Are you in a dire job situation where you dream of a better way to make some money?

Here are some effective actions that can be taken to help you make smart decisions about your current work situation.

  1. Waiting for that golden opportunity to come along is a pipe dream. You need to take action and make a decision. Will you proactively find ways to impress your current boss and change your workload for the better, or will you choose to actively seek out better job opportunities and start fresh somewhere else?
  2. Think about what it is you like doing, and what you loathe doing. Sometimes your job might mean that you have to do some loathsome things, but if you can find the right balance of like/loathe, you will be happier. For example, if you’re a nurse and you hate working night shifts, you might be able to find a new job that only requires a two nights a week instead of four.
  3. Do you need to improve your job prospects before you look for a new job? In order to take that next step, you may need to consider some self development. If you’re in retail for example, you might need to re-train, do further study, or complete a refresher course before you are ready to take on another position.
  4. Does your work environment need an upgrade? Office workers can declutter your workspace, add some plants to give some life to the space, or buy new furiture to spruce up your work environment. Perhaps in some cases this is all that’s needed to add a spring in your step when that alarm goes off in the morning.

What else would you add to the list? And for those of you who have already  made a change to your work situation, what worked best for you?


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