Practical Benefits of Ditching the Clutter

Clutter Free

If you could reinvent your physical space, what would each room in your house look like?

Take a minute to think about your home and how each room currently looks.

Does clutter or mess stress you out? Do you feel burdened with having to tidy up before you can even start to think about cleaning? Are there some rooms you avoid completely, and simply close the door as a means of denial?

Perhaps you have started getting your physical space under control and can look around confidently knowing progress is in action. If so, good for you!

Sometime in the next few months my little family will be moving house. Already I have started visualizing each room, the layout, the practicalities of every day life in that room and (of course) each room is beautifully decorated! I’ve considered what furniture stays, what furniture is past its prime.  Mostly, I’m excited about what I can leave behind to start a new home fresh, uncluttered and be able to live simply.

Practical benefits in ditching the clutter means:

  • My home will be easier to clean.
  • I can teach my children the power of purging and not to hold onto things that no longer have meaning in your life.
  • My efficiency will increase. I no longer will have to waste time looking for things, or wonder where I last had something.
  • Living more simply means I will have less choice but more room. I think of my kitchen as I write this. My drawers and cupboards are chock full of wonderful equipment, tools and tricks of the trade. But really, I probably only use 10% of those items on a regular basis. I don’t really need all those mod cons, so they will be strategically purged when we move.
  • I’ll be calmer and more organized. Dealing with clutter tends to stress me out, and it plays on my mind that I should be doing something about it. Goodbye anxiety!
  • I’ll feel liberated! I have already started passing on some items that have been kindly given to me by friends. Gifts that are not useful or practical to me, or anything that I love. As much as I love the person who gave me the gift, I’ve giving myself permission to pass these things on to someone else who will enjoy them.  Why keep them collecting dust at the back of a cupboard out of a sense of obligation to the gift-giver? That’s just silly, right!

Project managing your own de-clutter project can feel overwhelming. If you’re ready to start now, choose a single space that bothers you the most. That space that haunts you the most! And get started! We’ll help you flick the switch from procrastination to action.

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