Dramatically Decluttered Home

7 Days To A Dramatically Decluttered Home *On Sale*


A Decluttered Home IS Achievable If You Really Want It

Yes, it really is that simple.

Do you want it?

If you answered yes, then the next step is making it happen.

And this is where it gets hard.

Finding the mindset and the motivation to make it happen.

That’s where WE can help.

Is This Program For You?

If you:

  • Feel overwhelmed by clutter
  • Don’t know where to start
  • Worry that you might need things – so you end up keeping everything
  • Suspect you just have too much stuff
  • Can’t decide what to keep and what to release
  • Have forgotten what your surfaces look like

Then 7 Days To A Dramatically Decluttered Home is perfect for you!

What Does The Program Involve?

Over 7 days, I’ll help you to:

  • Make a life-changing mindset shift so you can finally part with unneeded stuff
  • Know how and where to start decluttering – and to make that start
  • Be able to make decisions about things you might need one day
  • Decide how much stuff is the right amount for you
  • Work out exactly what to keep and what to let go, room by room
  • Choose what to do with your decluttered stuff – sell, donate, toss?
  • Get rid of clutter – even when there’s nowhere uncluttered to work
  • Deal with kids’ clutter
  • Rediscover your surfaces – yes they’re still under there somewhere!
  • Learn how to keep clutter at bay – for life
  • Cope with other people’s clutter.

Each day’s task takes about 1 hour.

Here’s What Others Say About Our Program

Mindset Shift #3 a– totally worth the price of the premium subscription! THANK YOU!

Thanks for the encouragement and the plan to help make changes.

This is addictive!

This program was just the push I needed to start to get my place back in shape. Although I still have more decluttering to do my home looks better than it has in a long time. More importantly, it feels more serene. Which means, so do I 🙂 Thanks, Michele!

7 Days To A Drastically Decluttered Home

For a short time we are offering the program at the sale price of $29. That’s a huge 42% saving. (You’re welcome!)

Only $29 to radically reduce the amount of junk, clutter, and excess STUFF in your life. All in just 7 days, 1 hour a day!

You can read all about the program here.

FREE For Premium Subscribers

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