Kids Birthday Party

Get Organized For Birthday Parties

Kids Birthday Party

March is a crazy time for me.

Not only was my youngest son born in March, but so (it appears) were most of his friends.

What on earth were all of these parents celebrating nine months prior? (Insert smirk here).

The month of March is party central. My five-year-old’s social life is significantly more active than mine, which is sad for me, but fun for him!

So in between attending March parties I also have to organize my son’s party.

Get Organized For Parties With These 7 Tips

1. Choose a Date That Suits You and Your Partner

Forget about the rest of the guests.

Yep, lose the guilt and let it go. For years I have tried to coordinate other people’s calendars but you know what, there will always be someone who can’t make it.

Save yourself the headache and choose the date that suits you best.

2. Choose the Venue

If you’re not having the party at home then check your local venue options. Securing the venue will give you peace of mind while you go about organizing the rest of the party.

3. Give Plenty Of Notice

I usually give 2-3 weeks notice for a kid’s party. But with March being such a never-ending stream of  birthday parties I like to add another week to that timeline.

4. Invite RSVP

I always put a RSVP and my cell number to make it easy for parents to get back to me.

It always amazes me the number of people who don’t RSVP.

Therefore I always add a few extras to my final numbers just in case to avoid any disappointed little faces.

5. Cake

Cake is such a big deal when you’re five. Actually, it’s still a big deal for me whenever I turn a significant age. There is something wonderful about cake and your birthday.

This year the request is for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) Theme.  Cowabunga!  

Cake planning needs some time. Do yourself and your cake decorating skills justice and be prepared with all the ingredients. Green food colouring, here I come!

6. Decorations

We are spoilt in my area with the number of party supply shops. Shopping for TMNT decorations was relatively easy.

eBay is also a great fall back option. To take advantage of eBay though make sure you leave yourself enough delivery time. 

7. Thank You Notes

I love the personal touch, so I continue to write thank you notes to everyone who gives a gift.

Etiquette has changed so much over the years. Often text messages or emails suffice.

I think it’s nice for a child to receive a thank you, and they get a buzz out of it too.

Leave your best tip for getting organized with a birthday party. 

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