Moving House

Steps To Success When Moving Home

Does the thought of moving house fill you with dread or excitement?

It’s common to feel overwhelmed, anxious, nervous, or disorganized when facing such a change to the status quo.

It’s also a time of change, happiness, fresh start, a chance to get and stay organized. Today we’ll focus on that and set ourselves up for success.

First we’ll talk about mindset.

Then we’ll arm you with simple strategies that will move you to action.

Mindsets To Help You Move House Without The Drama

Grab a coffee, tea or wine, settle back and enjoy the next half hour re-setting your mindset with these simple strategies.

3 Mindsets To Help You Let Go of Clutter

Focusing on the top 3 reasons why we hold on to things we no longer need, love or use, this blog will help you get started.

7 Myths That Keep You Stuck in Clutter

This is a healthy dose of reality to help bust those myths wide open. Which of these myths have kept you caught in the clutter cycle?

Overcome Overwhelm

Overcome overwhelm with our magic to-do list. Why is it magic? Because it increases your productivity and will reduce your overwhelm, as to feel almost magical. Try it. 🙂

Simplify Your Life

Moving house gives you the perfect opportunity to simplify your life. Whether you’re upsizing or downsizing, simplifying your life will lead to less clutter and less stress, more happiness and a more organized life. Sounds wonderful, yes?

Complete Moving Home Checklist: 45 Simple Steps to Success

Our friends from Complete Removals have a comprehensive checklist guaranteed to take the stress out of your next move.

45 Simple Steps That Will Help You Get Organized

The guide is split into 4 easy to follow sections:

  • Preparing weeks out for moving day
  • One week before moving day
  • The day before moving day
  • Moving day.

Packed full of handy hints, insider secrets to moving and comprehensive lists, this guide will simplify the move and help makes things run smoothly.

You can get the full checklist here.

4 thoughts on “Steps To Success When Moving Home

  1. word hurdle says:

    Very useful and informative. I recall that my interstate relocation was challenging. Your blog will unquestionably be useful to me and others in the future.

  2. Oliver says:

    Amazing blog Kylie!!! Very informative and helpful. I remember it was difficult for me for moving interstate. Your blog will surely help me in the future and others also.

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