Pet Home Organization

6 Ways To Keep Pets Organized In The Home Without Breaking A Sweat

How do you manage your pet’s needs?

Extra effort is needed when you have pets. Our little fur babies (and non-fur babies if you keep reptiles) have considerations to be met so they are clean and safe in your homes. Today we’ll take a look at:

  • Precautions you should take to look after your pet
  • How to organise your house to free it from harm and obstacles
  • How to manage your pet needs as well as your own needs.

6 Ways To Keep Pets Organized In The Home

1. Have a Walk Station

  • Keep all the walking needs in one station. Leash, doggy-doo bags, rain jacket, water.
  • Allocate the walk station near the entry/exit point you use most when walking pets. For example, this may be the laundry door, not the front door. This will save you time, save you energy and possibly save you having to clean up extra mess if you trudge things through the home.

2. A Space For Your Pet

  • Just like we have toy boxes for the kids, have pet boxes or storage areas too.
  • Choose an area to store them, where they are accessible, neat and tidy.
  • For example, choose a particular cupboard that stores the pet food.

3. Choose A Suitable Organiser for Your Pets Toys

  • Pet toys usually occupy a lot of space and are tiny. They get hurled around the house, hidden under the sofa and everywhere else. Using one organiser to put everything in will help. Something easy way to take out the current toy that your pet is playing with.
  • A nice soft basket of toys is easily accessible for your indoor pet for example. They can be taught to return the toy to the basket (true story for some!) or easily tossed back into the basket without too much effort from you.

4. Cabinet for Pet Medical Needs

  • You might have more of a need for this as your pet ages.
  • Keep pet medical supplies separate form your own. 
  • Keep the cabinet, or storage container within easy access, and kept clean and well-stocked.
  • If you can, store this in the pet space you allocated in point 2.

5. Feeding Station Away From Home Traffic

  • Keep food stations away from heavy traffic areas.
  • Avoid any obstacles that can be knocked over – and give you a cleaning nightmare.
  • Quiet corners or the laundry room are good spots. If the space you allocated for your pet is also good for a feeding station then make it there.

6. Put Pet Records in a Folder

  • Just as you file your own documents, make sure you also keep your pet’s papers safe and tucked away.
  • Put them in one place sorted out by information of medication, sitters and food.
  • You can also use a notebook to write notes about your pet in case you need to hand over the care to a sitter.

Please comment below and share what works well in your home.

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