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Are You Really Time-Poor Or Just Think You Are?

Busyness seems to be catching. How often do we hear these phrases in general conversation:

    I’m so busy.

   I’m too busy.

   How do you find the time?

   I don’t have time to do that …

Many people swear that they are time poor.

However there’s fine line between the idea of too many things to do and just being plain disorganized.

Some people are addicted to the idea of busyness that having no time is an automatic response from them. Until it becomes an excuse for everything. Yes, EXCUSE.

So let’s make the distinction – are you using busyness as an excuse or are you really time poor?

Things we prolong due to busyness are often things like:

  • cleaning the house thoroughly
  • finishing that painting you started
  • taking a flight to a vacation
  • closing that deal.

Why do we postpone things that we’ve been meaning to do for so long? The real reason (for most) will lie within this list here;

  • You don’t know how to get started in your next task
  • You were too busy multitasking
  • You have your priorities wrong
  • You’re a procrastinator
  • You indulge in time wasters – social media, internet, emails.

Honestly, can you identify with one of these reasons? If yes, then you may not be that time poor after all. You just feel you are and live like you are.

Reality is, are you ready … your’e just disorganized. And we can help you with that.

You Are What You Think

You really are what you think. You may be submerged in the idea of “how busy you are” all the time that you actually live it. Truth is, you can find the time … you are just in denial and don’t want to prioritise those things you really don’t want to do.

Simple adjustments in your mindset, schedule and visuals can change everything.

Tips To Help You Find Time

  • Set aside all time consuming activities that don’t involve productivity i.e. social media and internet (unless it’s part of work).
  • Schedule work and meet the schedule everyday. Ticking them off can give you the satisfaction of accomplishment.
  • If you can do something in the next two minutes, do it and do not delegate it to the next free hours.
  • Declutter your workspace – it frees the mind and increases productivity.
  • Make use of your waiting time – schedule digital meetings during your airport wait or download podcasts for times when you’re catching public transport.
  • Prioritise daily, not weekly, or you’ll end up putting the least of this week’s priorities into next week’s work then into next week’s… until it becomes undone work forever.
  • Do not multitask, do one task at a time.
  • Delegate the work or push back if it’s not your job to begin with (if possible).
  • Always find time for yourself to be reenergized.
  • And ditch your excuses!

Refocusing on these tips will free up lots of time for your extra hobbies. You won’t bring work home. You will be  more organized and you will be happier.

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