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6 Ways to Simplify Your Life During The Holiday Season

Holidays can be a special kind of stressful.

Stress, depression, inactivity, overwhelm and the inability to make a decision can leave you exhausted.

We’re going to take a look at some stress-free tips to help you look fresh and stay positive during the holiday season.

6 Ways to Simplify Your Life During The Holiday Season

1. Limit Activities

  • Do you need to buy everybody a present?
  • Do you have to be busy every minute of the day?
  • Do you have to go to that party?
  • Do you have to have everyone at your house?

We’re giving you permission to say no. Choose activities that really matter to you, and leave the rest behind.

Advice: Trim down on bothersome activities and attend only the necessaries.

2. Rethink Gifts

Thoughtfulness can go a long way. Think about a gift for someone that would mean a lot to them. Perhaps an experience would be more meaningful than a gift.

  • Visiting someone in hospital rather than sending a card.
  • Buying your Mom a Day Spa voucher instead of the usual pyjama set.
  • Give your brother and his wife a hotel voucher so they can escape from the kids for the night.

Sometimes we’re so caught up in buying material things and the hype of holiday sale we forget that experiences can be a better present.

Advice: Personalize your gift by being thoughtful. It will be appreciated.

3. Block Out Time in The Calendar

Quiet days. Recovery days. Me days. Whatever you want to call it. Schedule special time.

  • Quiet time with family.
  • A few hours to yourself with a book.
  • A day where nothing is planned and you are free to choose whatever you like.

Advice: You don’t have to fill up every spare minute of your holiday. Enjoy the peace and quiet. Enjoy the laziness of a carefree day.

4. Avoid Holiday Sales

Unless you are a super-keen shopper, holiday sale stress is not worth it.

  • Instead, try to be organized and buy what you need in advance.
  • Order online a month before.
  • Go to the shops out of peak times.  

Advice: You will spend less and have less stress if you plan your shopping needs.

5. Let It Go

This is one of our favorite mantras that can be applied to most situations. For decluttering we say: Move fast. Don’t overthink. Let it go. 

  • Identify the things that matter.
  • Keep distance between you and those people who you don’t want to be around. 
  • Focus on your priorities.

Advice: You’ll enjoy more energy, a simpler life, and better focus if you can learn to let things go.

6. Plan Ahead

Everything can be simplified when you plan ahead.

  • Make a schedule of all goals to be met that day, week, or month.
  • Stick the schedule.
  • Be confident at saying no when something pops up that doesn’t fit into your schedule.

Advice: write on a calendar or put important dates into your phone, tablet, computer and stay in control of your day.

Enjoy your holiday and be happy.



3 thoughts on “6 Ways to Simplify Your Life During The Holiday Season

  1. Martha says:

    Don’t get too busy to do regular mediation, prayer.
    Attend a local candlelight service to remember the reason for the season.

  2. Jerilynn says:

    Good thoughts. I really like the experiences vs. gifts idea. It’s even more fun when you as the giver can be part of the experience with them – a trip together, etc.

  3. Lillian says:

    Great advice. I have this mindset that I have to be busy every minute and seldom have a free day. It is exhausting! I now have a cold I can’t shake so I an forced too be still. That needs to be a choice. Working on better scheduling and better planning for the things that are most important including some down time.

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