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How Much Stuff Do You Need To Be Happy?

Owning little but being more than happy can be achieved. Ask any minimalist about the happiness they feel the less they own!

It’s not uncommon for people to gather material belongings to fill up empty spaces. Some might be trying to meet social expectations. Other’s may be swayed by the lure and pleasures of shopping!  You may live like this forever, happy with your choices. But scratch the surface of acquiring all of these shiny new things, and you’ll see that real happiness does not always lie within.

So what are some benefits of owning a minimal number of things? Minimalists say:

  • You leave space for more important things.
  • It gives you a sense of freedom.
  • You focus less on material and more on experiences.
  • You have more time for hobbies and vacations.
  • You focus on your health more.
  • You focus on your happiness and peace of mind.

Given these benefits, the balance is working out how much it too little and how much is too much.

A minimalist allows themselves to let things go. The foundation of a minimalists way of thinking lies with the answer to these:

  1. Do I use this material thing regularly?
  2. When did I last use it? Did it serve its purpose?
  3. Do I own unnecessary duplicates of this item?
  4. Is the object now useless to me? Can someone else make good use of it?
  5. Will it affect my household if I let it go? Will it upset any relationships or dynamics in the house?
  6. Is it bothersome to clean, maintain or preserve this item?

By answering these questions you will be able to gauge the value of things in your home and whether you actually need them or not.

Are You Ready To Declutter But Want Help?

Join Our 7-Days To A Dramatically Decluttered Home Program

Over 7 days, I’ll help you to:

  • Make a life-changing mindset shift so you can finally part with unneeded stuff
  • Know how and where to start decluttering – and to make that start
  • Be able to make decisions about things you might need one day
  • Decide how much stuff is the right amount for you
  • Work out exactly what to keep and what to let go, room by room
  • Choose what to do with your decluttered stuff – sell, donate, toss?
  • Get rid of clutter – even when there’s nowhere uncluttered to work
  • Deal with kids’ clutter
  • Rediscover your surfaces – yes they’re still under there somewhere!
  • Learn how to keep clutter at bay – for life
  • Cope with other people’s clutter.

Each day’s task takes about 1 hour.

Wondering If This Program Is For You?

If you:

  • Feel overwhelmed by clutter
  • Don’t know where to start
  • Worry that you might need things – so you end up keeping everything
  • Suspect you just have too much stuff
  • Can’t decide what to keep and what to release
  • Have forgotten what your surfaces look like

Then 7 Days To A Dramatically Decluttered Home is perfect for you!

Here’s What Others Say About Our Program

Mindset Shift #3 a– totally worth the price of the premium subscription! THANK YOU!

Thanks for the encouragement and the plan to help make changes.

This is addictive!

This program was just the push I needed to start to get my place back in shape. Although I still have more decluttering to do my home looks better than it has in a long time. More importantly, it feels more serene. Which means, so do I 🙂 Thanks, Michele!

7 Days To A Dramatically Decluttered Home

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5 thoughts on “How Much Stuff Do You Need To Be Happy?

  1. Kylie Browne says:

    Hi Anita,
    Perfect, you need help and we’re here to help!
    Not only are we with you every step of the task (if you need us), but you can tap into the community for help too.
    You’ll learn how to change unhelpful clutter mindsets over the next 7 days that will help you find the inspiration you need to get that clutter under control.
    You might feel like you have no faith in yourself right now, and you’re not alone in feeling like that. But we know with the right tools and encouragement you can change that around. So glad you’re joining us! Welcome.
    🙂 Kylie, Community Manager

  2. Anita Knight says:

    I need HELP! I’m an artist, crafter, and a Master Faux Painter. AND my studio and garage
    is maxed with materials so badly, I’m not completely sure what I have. It has caused much
    conflict with my marriage, and added stress daily. I also have fibromyalgia, that gives
    me a short energy time to try to organize and purge. It’s so overwhelming, that I just don’t do
    anything but think about what I need to do… and do nothing. I need to get started, I know, but it seems
    like I am always trying to get caught up with daily chores. I interviewed someone to help me, but her
    fee was out of reach. I’m going to sign up for the 7 day thing, and really try. But I have no faith left in myself.

    • Pam W says:

      I also have FM as well as other health issues. #1-Don’t give up. Write down the “clutter” that is bothering you most TODAY. #2- Set up your three or four boxes. (Mine are often: Trash, Goodwill, Friends who can use it, Keep). #3-Set a TIMER for 10 minutes. Grab items that are in easy reach for your FM. (Don’t START with those things on the top shelves or under the tables). #4-Congratulate yourself for overcoming your FM & easng a little bit of stress from you & your loved ones! #5-Complete one of your daily chores. Repeat 3-5 as able TODAY. Let your family see what you’ve done to improve your lifestyles. Perhaps your family will bring you a big basket of clutter to sort on tougher days. Mine have also set a chair in our garage for me then they hold up items for me to decide on.

      • Anita Knight says:

        Thanks for GREAT advice Pam. It sounds reasonable and attainable. I’m going to
        start today.
        Perhaps we can encourage each other as one fibromite to another. I’m so glad that you
        shared our common illness. Many try to be understanding, but only someone that
        experiences this life changing condition, can really relate to the challenges. Let’s keep
        in touch. I just joined, and I’m already changing my attitude for a successful trip down
        ”the uncluttered lane”. Thank you for posting.

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