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Important Changes to Get Organized Wizard

There’s exciting changes happening at Get Organized Wizard!

[UPDATE Oct 31 2017]: Quick reminder for existing customers – you’re existing Get Organized Wizard login won’t work on Get Organized Gal.

You’ll need to create a new account on Get Organized Gal as part of the upgrade process (full details here).

If you have any questions please contact support at any time.

We’re Upgrading the Get Organized Wizard Platform

Quick summary

Here’s a quick summary of all the exciting changes:

  • We’re upgrading the way we deliver our  programs
  • We’re moving them over to a new platform on a new site: Get Organized Gal
  • It is a much nicer user experience, it remembers your progress, and works better on mobile
  • All existing customers get complimentary upgrades to their matching new platform courses
  • All existing Premium Subscribers will get complimentary lifetime All Access upgrades
  • Special interim pricing for new customers
  • We’re getting rid of recurring payment subscription options

Read on for the full details:

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The Get Organized Wizard site is coming up to its 10 year anniversary soon – how time flies!

Over the past decade the site has served millions of visitors. 100s of thousands of people have downloaded the free resources, and 10s of thousands of customers have uses Michele’s programs and products to help organize their lives.

During that time we’ve used a number of different software platforms to deliver the content. The current iteration of the site has used a membership model for approximately the past 3 years.

It’s been working well, but there’s always room for improvement. One of the exciting aspects of providing online content is that the tools available are constantly improving.

There are fantastic new options now for delivering courses that weren’t available 3 years ago. We’ve researched the best available options and chosen one to build out the next iteration of Get Organized Wizard.

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Introducing Get Organized Gal

Upgrading a website is always tricky.

Instead of attempting to upgrade the current site (and potentially disrupting visitors and customers), we’ve built the new platform on a completely new site.

The site is called Get Organized Gal, and it is available here.

get organized gal

From 1st November 2017, we’ll disable purchases on the Get Organized Wizard site, and instead direct everyone over to to the Get Organized Gal site.

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Technical Details

If you’re not interested in the technical details, you can skip this part…

But for the technically minded, please read on.

The current Get Organized Wizard site is built using WordPress, with a ton of plugins including WooCommerce and various membership tools.

We’re moving over to using the Teachable platform. The new Get Organized Gal site is built using Teachable platform.

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What happens to the Get Organized Wizard site?

The Get Organized Wizard site will still remain – it will continue to be our source for the blog and free resources.

Thus, the current Get Organized Wizard site will remain eg for the blog and free items, but we’re going to move all the program/content delivery over to our new site at Get Organized Gal.

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I sometimes see Happiness Strategies mentioned – what is that?

Happiness Strategies is the name of the company that owns Get Organized Wizard, and Get Organized Gal.

In summary:

  • Get Organized Wizard =  blog, free content, free resources
  • Get Organized Gal = paid courses and programs
  • Happiness Strategies Pty Ltd = company that owns the Get Organized Wizard and Get Organized Gal sites

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Benefits of the new platform

There are a number of benefits to moving over to the new platform.

The main benefit is that the Teachable platform is built specifically for online courses and learning. As such, it’s a beautiful experience for learning. The interface is simple and intuitive and a joy to use.

When we were first building the Get Organized Wizard site we had to pull together a number of different plugins and add-ons to enable it all. We’ve been able to get it to work reasonably well over the years, but it has always a bit of headache to maintain.

Things have improved greatly since then, and platforms like Teachable now provide a much better experience for users, as well as a much easier-to-main site.

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It Keeps Track of your Progress

One of the nice, simple improvements is keeping track of your progress.

After you log in, you can easily pick up where you left off.

You can easily see all your purchased programs (courses) and how far you’ve progressed. This is not only helpful, but it’s quite motivating as well.

gal web experience

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iPhone App

There’s also a beautiful mobile app for iPhone, with an Android App coming in the future.

On the iPhone app you can access all your courses and even download them for viewing offline. See this help doc for further details.

gal app

Your progress is always synced as well eg if you progress on a course on your iPhone app, it is immediately updated when accessed from the web site as well.

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The platform has tools for easily adding quizzes and certifications. Although we haven’t enabled these yet, they are one of the key priorities for the coming months.

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Affiliate System (Optional)

We’ve tried numerous affiliate systems over the years on the Get Organized Wizard site, and have run into a host of problems – everything from updates breaking the site to security issues to slow performance.

With the new platform the affiliate system is all built in and automated – it even takes care of payments (one less thing for us to organize).

This means that as a customer and supporter of the site you can easily get your affiliate link and earn commissions recommending the courses to others. Further details here.

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What’s New?

As part of moving the programs over to the new platform, we’ve been reviewing the content, updating where appropriate and planning new resources to be added.

For now however, the main process has been to get the existing content moved over.

We’ve also brought over our popular 52 Weight Loss Missions program from and made this available on the Get Organized Gal site as well.

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What’s Coming?

Over the coming months we’ll be adding a bunch of new features including:

  • Additional downloads
  • Video content in some courses
  • Quizzes
  • Certificates of completion

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No More Recurring Payment Options

We thought long and hard about this one.

We’ve decided to remove the subscription model from the new platform. Instead everything will be a one-time enrollment fee.

Although this likely results in less income for us, we felt it was fairer for customers. We found that a few customers were confused by the monthly and annual payments, and were surprised when they were charged again. Although this was clear on our site (and is common for many online program sites), we felt that it could be an unpleasant surprise for customers at times.

So we’ve gotten rid of the recurring payment options.

For existing Premium Subscribers, we’re going to be cancelling your recurring payment subscriptions, and grandfathering you into a Lifetime All Courses access.

Yes, we’re really looking after our loyal Premium Subscribers.

Plus we’re extending this to any customers who have been a Premium Subscriber in the past 6 months. Yes, even if you cancelled your Premium Subscription 5 months ago, we’ll still be grandfathering you into our new All Courses lifetime access. It’s our way of saying thanks for being a Premium Subscriber.

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What’s Missing?

At this stage, we’ve moved over most of the course content.

However, there’s still parts to be completed. For example:

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Email Reminders

We don’t yet have the email reminders moved over to the new platform – that will come in the next two months.

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In some of our current programs, and particularly for Premium Subscribers, we’ve provided access to a library of 100s of to-do lists and smart goal templates, plus additional downloads.

These aren’t yet over on the new platform. We’ll be refreshing these and adding them in batches.

However, we’ll still have these available on the current site for at least the next 3 months so that you continue to have access.

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Interim Introductory Pricing

Because this is a new platform, and we’re essentially in a beta testing period, we’re putting introductory pricing in place for new customers. This will be temporary until we’ve ironed out any issues, and completed bringing over all the outstanding items including emails and downloads.

Plus, we have a special further discount for readers who are reading this – details of how to get the discounted introductory pricing are below.

(Note: existing customers are getting free access upgrades – also noted below)

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How Will This Affect Existing Customers?

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Free Upgrades

If you’re an existing customer, we’ll be giving you complimentary upgrades (ie free of charge) to the matching courses on the new platform at Get Organized Gal.

Note: because it is a completely new platform you’ll need to create a brand new account. Your existing login details on Get Organized Wizard won’t work.

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How to get the free upgrade

To gain access to the new platform, log into your existing My Account area on Get Organized Wizard and access the upgrade page – in the protected area of each program there will be instructions on how to upgrade for free onto the new Get Organized Gal platform.

Get your upgrade links

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What About Premium Subscription Customers?

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Grandfathered into new platform

Existing Premium Subscribers will be upgraded free of charge to our All Courses option on the new site. This is lifetime access (ie no further charges) to get access to everything on the new platform, including all new courses that we add in the future. You can access your upgrade link from here.

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Access to 52 Weight Loss Missions program

We’ve brought over the 52 Weight Loss Missions program and made it available at Get Organized Gal as well. Premium Subscribers now get access to this as well (for no extra charge).

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No More Recurring Payments

As per our earlier note, we’re removing the recurring payment model, and instead everything will be a single one-off charge.

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Cancelling your recurring payment subscription

As part of this process we’ll be cancelling existing payment subscriptions (either via Credit Card or PayPal). You can expect this to happen during early November, with all cancellations complete by mid-November.

Even though your subscription payment will be cancelled, you’ll still have full access to your My Account area on the existing Get Organized Wizard site, plus full access to the new Get Organized Gal site.

(Note: if you happen to get charged a recurring payment in early November before we’ve had a chance to cancel your subscription, we’ll refund that for you as well.)

It’s our way of saying thank you to our loyal Premium Subscribers.

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How Will This Affect New Customers?

If you’re not yet a customer, then now’s a good time to join up. Since we’re in a beta testing period, we’re providing a 50% reduction in pricing until everything is finalised.

The only downside is that there may be a few bugs we’re still ironing out. But if you can handle that for a few weeks, then the 50% discount is a very worthwhile saving.

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Introductory Pricing

To get access to the special pricing you must use a special coupon code on the Checkout page.

>> Click Here To Access the Site <<

You will be taken to the Get Organized Gal site.

Select the course you wish to purchase, or the All Courses bundle if you want to purchase everything.

Click to Enroll, and you will be taken to the Checkout page to complete your purchase.

Use coupon code: GAL-SPECIAL-50 on the Checkout page

Click the Add Coupon link:

click add coupon

Enter the coupon: GAL-SPECIAL-50

enter coupon code

After entering, click the Apply button:

apply coupon code

The price will be updated, and reduced by 50%:

reduced price

You can then complete your purchase.

After purchase you will have immediate access to the course.

This offer will be available for a limited time – likely only until the end of November 2017.

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Timeframe for the upgrade

Here’s the timetable for all the changes:

October 2017

  • New Get Organized Gal site available
  • Free upgrade for existing customers available from Get Organized Wizard My Account areas
  • Introductory pricing available for new customers

November 2017

  • Products on Get Organized Wizard no longer able to be purchased
  • All courses only available for purchase on Get Organized Gal
  • Premium Subscription recurring payments cancelled
  • All existing Premium Subscribers grandfathered into Lifetime All Courses access
  • Introductory pricing finishes

December 2017

  • Email reminder options reinstated
  • Downloads and bonus items available on new platform
  • 2018 versions of our popular Diaries are made available

January 2018

  • New program schedule added

April 2018

  • Access to old site My Account area will be disabled

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Anything Else?

That’s pretty much it for now. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a general comment below, or if specific to your account, send us an email at


Image credit: Photo by Jiří Wagner on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “Important Changes to Get Organized Wizard

  1. MJ says:

    Thank you for the detailed instructions! I would like a bit of clarity about one thing though: as an existing customer who has purchased a few programs, I need to click the upgrade link for each course to move it to the new site. If I want to take advantage of the 50% off pricing for all the programs, will that negate the need to do the previous upgrade access link for each course?

    • Craig Bailey says:

      Hi MJ – yes, you are correct on both points:
      1. Each program has it’s own upgrade link (and thus multiple update processes for each program you have purchased).
      2. But if you take advantage of the 50% pricing for All Courses, that will give you access to all programs – and therefore no need to upgrade each of your previously purchased programs.

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