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8 Car Hacks To Make Your Ride Clean And Tidy

There are two types of car people. Those who keep their car looking immaculate and those who use the vehicle as their means to an end: eating, drinking, and even sleeping in it if need be.

If the second person sounds more like you then you’ll probably be familiar with seeing:

  • seat stains,
  • pieces of paper on the car’s floor,
  • candy wrappers,
  • shoes,
  • socks,
  • boxes in the trunk and
  • fossilized bits of food under the seats.

Just like organizing any other space, you need to get rid of all the trash and clutter inside your car and organize the things you do need in your car. Make some rules to prevent your car from looking like a chicken coop!

Below are some tips that you can do to make your car tidy and smelling good.

8 Car Hacks To Make Your Ride Clean And Tidy

1. Throw Out All Trash

This is the first step in organizing your car. Everything that is not needed in your car should be thrown out.

Cups, old newspapers, candy wrappers, paper bags, fast food tissues, old car fresheners… you get the idea. If you’re traveling, bring a trash bag with you and dispose of it properly when you stop at a gasoline station. Be creative, you might use an empty tissue box as a mini trash can that you can dispose of after filling it.

2. Visit The Carwash

This is a no-brainer really. Whenever you own a vehicle you need to have it cleaned regularly. Once a week is good – depending on how dirty your car gets, you might do it twice a week. If you’re pushing time then try to do it once a month. You can do it at home or go to a good car wash to have it professionally cleaned inside out.

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3. Organize Your Paperwork

Your car’s paperwork (registration and insurance) can be kept in your car’s glove box. If your car has a small glove box, you can use a folding file folder and store it under the driver’s seat. You can have a section for your car’s registration, insurance, maps, coupons, car receipts or manual.

4. Basket For Your Groceries

Keep a laundry basket in your trunk whenever you go to the grocery store. This will save you time when you fill it with all your shopping bags and just carry it inside once you’re home.

5. Seat Organizers

You can add storage by having a car seat organizer. This is great, especially for toddlers to store baby wipes, toys and drink bottles. It’s also good for other knick-knacks like storing dvds, cds, magazines and other things when traveling with your kids.

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6. Emergency Items

A first aid kit and a small flashlight can be kept in the glove box. Repair tools, jumper cables and extra flashlights can be kept in the trunk. Some granola bars, a few bottles of water and a couple of blankets stashed in a tub or bag can also be added to the trunk just to be sure.

7. Quick Cleaning

Use a handheld car vacuum to pick up all the dirt from the floor and seats. Wipe the seats with anti-bacterial wipes to pick up all the dust. Use an old foam paintbrush to remove dust from the vents.

8. Take Care Of The Smell

If you’re not a car freshener type of person, you can use some essential oils or sprays to give you a nice car smell.

What about you? Have we missed your favorite car hack? Comment below if you have any more helpful tips you’ve discovered!

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  4. Andrew Hartness says:

    Hey Jon, Glad to found your Article About Tips Makes Ride Clean And Tidy. It’s very Informative, I gonna Buy a Seat Organizer & Some Emergency Items again for my Car. Thanks for your Dedication.!

  5. Alphonse Griggs says:

    Keeping my car clean is a struggle for me. I tend to let it get pretty bad and then clean it like crazy. I have a goal to keep it cleaner simply by tending to it once a month. I LOVE when it’s clean…it looks so nice!

    This weekend is my “once and month” and I am happy say that it’s gonna be in the 70s all weekend, so it’s perfect car cleaning weather!

    Thank you for the tips!

  6. Robert Astorga says:

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  7. Justin Aguilar says:

    Regular car cleaning is an essential part of car aftercare. Like you take some measures to look better, to smell better, and to remain healthier, your favorite speed machine needs similar considerations to remain safe and healthy. And I think regular vacuuming and interior cleaning can help in keeping your prized-antique in the pristine order for a longer period of time. Basically, the cleaning undertaking is not a demanding endeavor. So, you should clean your vehicle regularly either on your own or by taking the help of a professional detailer, by which the resale value of your road companion will be increased and the maintenance cost will be reduced down the road.

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