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How to Use Our Weekly To-Do List To Achieve Your Goals

Everyone has a weekly schedule. You might not even realize it, but there are certain things you need to achieve every week whether it’s work, house organizing or even just fun activities that you want to make time for.

If you have weekly goals for your business, family life or just something you want to get done that week, listing them out as tasks will make your week easier.

Your weekly to-do list can serve as your progress board every time you finish tasks for the day.

To get you started with weekly goal setting, take control and set your priorities by using our free, downloadable and interactive weekly to-do lists.

Step-by-step Guide To Creating and Using The Weekly To-Do List

Step 1: Download the Weekly To-Do List PDF

The Weekly To-do list (11.25) is one of our free interactive productivity lists.

Click here to download the Weekly To-Do List

Step 2: Choose How You Use The Weekly To-Do List

You can use the to-do list in two ways:

  • Click on the Weekly To-Do List (11.25) in the PDF list and print it out.
  • Click on the Weekly To-Do List and type your tasks in the interactive list. Each day is divided into 6 blocks where you type or write on each number. Save the PDF once you’re done.

Step 3: Fill In The Task List

Add tasks, little jobs and reminders for each day. Sort them by priority if you can! Some tasks might be routine but it’s always good to list them down so you don’t forget and you get the satisfaction of crossing it off once it’s done.

Every task finished each day is a result or score to be reached by the end of the week!

Visual Samples of The Weekly To-Do List

Below is a screenshot example of the blank Weekly To-Do List. Say you have 2-3 kids and you’re a working mom. Your other half is also working full-time and mostly not at home during the day. Try to set aside time at the end of the week (Sunday morning)  so on Monday you know exactly what’s in store.

weekly to do list

Below are some sample entries for specific days.

weekly task

FREE Printable To-Do Lists for Work

To get started with your weekly goal setting, click here to download the free, interactive to-do lists, including the Weekly Schedule (it’s part of our To-Do List bundle).

Click here to read more about turning goals into results.

2 thoughts on “How to Use Our Weekly To-Do List To Achieve Your Goals

  1. Nidhi says:

    A working person like me can’t have such organized life but I agree that with some motivation and regulations in the life we can have relaxing time as well as can achieve our goals. I am definitely gonna try all this. Thanks thanks thanks!!

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