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2018 Productivity Apps You Should Not Miss

Every year is an opportunity to grow, expand and gain knowledge. In 2018, all signs point to growth. Just like the past year, there are things that you need to change or totally abandon, there are things that you need to retain and new things to try and see if they fit your lifestyle.

This goes the same with your productivity applications, especially if you’re in a productivity rut. Now is the time to switch productivity tools (or start using some if you haven’t already). It can just be a simple word processor app, a chat or messaging app, or project management application. Installing any of the apps on the list can help you to be more focused, increase your efficiency and be more productive.

Below are some of the best 2018 apps that you can download and install on your smart mobile devices and computers.

1. LastPass

If you’re managing multiple blog accounts and other sites that you have registered requiring usernames and password, LastPass is your tool. LastPass saves and manages all your usernames and passwords for your multiple accounts. LastPass can aldo generate secure passwords when you create new accounts. LastPass also features multifactor authentication, so your details are secure.

Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS

2. Slack

There are many project and team management apps available now, but Slack is one of the most user-friendly applications you can download and use. You can use it for team video calls, team chats, upload work files and create different channels for different projects to consolidate conversations and files files.

Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS

3. Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides

This is a free document editor and all you have to do is have an active Google account. Just like MS Word, Google Docs offers a powerful set of editing tools and supports major text file formats. Your work will be saved to the cloud automatically and you will be able to access it using your mobile smart devices or PC as long as there is a good internet connection. You can also share your work with your teammates by clicking on the share button and typing in their email or sending them the sharing link.

For creating presentations, Google Sheets and Google Slides are the tools for you. All the applications are free and these are pre-installed on most 2018 Android smart phones.

Android, iOS, PC and MacOS


This app lets you schedule your reminders, to-do-list, reminder notes and have the ability to sync between your smartphone, tablet and computer. It also offers calendar integration and cross-platform support for notes, any sub-tasks and file attachments. It also has a voice-entry feature. You can download it for free or choose the premium subscription with added Office 365 features.

Android and iOS, PC and MacOS

5. Apple iWork

This is Apple’s iWork productivity suite that includes a Pages app for text editing, Numbers for spreadsheet creation and Keynote for creating presentations. You can sync it with your iCloud storage and access across your Apple devices.

Windows, iOS and MacOS

6. Ginger

This is a free grammar checker for your PC and smart devices. If you’re more into writing blog content or reports or any other text documents, ginger will check your grammar and spelling. It’s a helpful tool since most of us miss typos and make small grammar mistakes, even if you’ve checked your draft several times. It saves you time in checking and will also provide suggestions for the best word or phrase when it runs through your written content.

You can opt for the free version or the more in-depth full subscription.

Windows and Android

7. Google Suite

Also known as Google Drive, this is a free cloud storage that comes along with your Google account. It also offers other online apps for editing and creating word documents, spreadsheets, presentations and online forms which are fully collaborative, meaning that multiple users can edit a document or file at the same time.

Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS

8. Strides

Strides help you set and reach your goals by tracking your progress. If you want to exercise more, save money, lose weight, sleep more or develop a new hobby, Strides can help you with it by giving you statistics on how much you have improved.

Android, iOS,

9. Bear Note

This is a note-taking application for iOS users. This app allows users to create and organize notes using your favorite Apple device. It also supports sketches on the Apple Pencil compatible iPad and iPad pro. It’s a free app, but you can also opt for a yearly subscription of $15 to expand its functionality.

iOS, MacOS

10. Buffer

This application is very useful in managing your social media accounts specifically if you’re handling multiple accounts with different posting schedules. The application supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram. Free users will be able to manage 3 social media accounts and scheduled or queue up to 10 posts per social media account at a time.

Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS

11. Adobe Acrobat Reader

This functional annotation app is used to view PDFs and sign PDF files. You will be able to open PDF files from your email, documents, websites, blog sites and others. You can make comments, mark or highlight text using the annotation tools and fill in any PDF forms just by typing into the fields and adding in an electronic signature. No need to print!

Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS

12. Mindnode

This free app allows you to organize and visualize your ideas about any project. You can link ideas and export your finished tasks in multiple formats. $15 will get you the full version.

iOS, MacOS

13.  IFTTT

IFTTT stands for “if this, then that”. It’s a mobile app and website that creates automatic functions between different online services and devices. The app has a simple interface where you can program the function you want for specific applications for your mobile or computer. For example, you can create this automation – if there’s an upcoming event on Google Calendar, then send me a text reminder containing its details. This application is more designed to personal productivity as compared to Zapier which is more focused on business apps.

Android, iOS

14. Dropbox

One of the most popular and widely used cloud storage service in the world. Its core function is an online storage locker for your documents, files, photos and other data and allows you to access these files anywhere. You can also use it in sharing files to collaborate with your team or friends.

Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS

15. Mr.Number-Block

If you always get prank calls, spam phone calls and spam text, this phone app is your defense. You can also set times for any incoming calls. This is a great tool since not all Android phones have built in call-blocking features.


16. NameChanger

This is a free iOS and Mac app that lets you rename batches of photos in one go instead of doing it one by one. This is a simple app that can save you precious time in organizing your digital photos.

iOS and MacOS

17. Scanbot

If your work involves tons of paperwork, then Scanbot can help ease up things whenever you need to send some paper work through email. This application uses your phone as a scanner and turns your physical documents into digital format. Every physical paperwork can be email ready with this application and you can do it anywhere without using a lumpy photo scanner.

Android, iOS

Try these apps for your productivity and tell us what you think!

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